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Waiting Adoptive Families

Interested in learning more about adoption?  

Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions connects you with families looking to adopt in a safe, confidential environment. Here you can browse adoptive parent profiles and get facts on families wanting to adopt.

The process of finding a loving family looking to adopt can seem overwhelming. This page contains adoption family profiles where you can preview families waiting to adopt and find parents you feel comfortable with. Our mission is to help make this important decision of choosing your adoption family less difficult. 

Carolyn and Marc

What you are doing is brave beyond anything that we can imagine. We would be here for your child and raise him or her with the utmost respect, grace, and care. And we would be happy to have contact with you if you would like that. Be good to yourself - do what is best for you. There is only one you. The USA is a good country - and a community ... Read more about Carolyn and Marc

Alex and Colleen

We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We cannot begin to image how difficult this decision must be for you. We both were brought up by loving and caring parents who shaped us into the adults we are today. Our parents are just the beginning of the incredible support system we have as we look to start our family. Our siblings are just ... Read more about Alex and Colleen

Mario and Joseph

Dear birthmother, it is with two grateful hearts and the utmost admiration for allowing our family to have the opportunity to be considered as possible candidates/adoptive parents to your child(ren). Raising a child(ren) has been a constant hope in our relationship and is deeply supported by our family. Being parents would complete our family's j ... Read more about Mario and Joseph

Colleen and Emily

Our most important relationship throughout this process is with you, the birth parent. We are open to any questions you have about our family. We are an open-minded and compassionate family of five who are hoping to welcome the last member of our family. We are open with our children about their Tummy Mommies and their amazing qualities. We hav ... Read more about Colleen and Emily

Viviana and William

Hi! We are William and Viviana. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little and to consider us as potential adoptive parents. Although we will never understand the weight of the position you are in, we want you to know we are praying for you. We pray you will have peace throughout the process and as you make your decision. We said ea ... Read more about Viviana and William

Tessa and Tyler

For years we had known we wanted to adopt. After a few years of struggling with infertility we know the time is right. We know this is not an easy process for you and this will be a very difficult decision. We appreciate you looking and considering us as an option. We want you to know that your baby will be loved deeply and taken care of. The baby ... Read more about Tessa and Tyler

Rachel and Steven

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the two of us. We recognize the choice you are making is one of the most difficult a woman can face in her lifetime. Entrusting your child to be raised by someone else requires incredible bravery, strength, honesty and, most of all, love for your child. We feel extremely honored to be considered as adopt ... Read more about Rachel and Steven

Patricia and Patrick

Read more about Patricia and Patrick

Jonathan and Kimberly

First, we would like to thank you for considering us. We also want to thank you for choosing adoption for your baby, rather than other options. We have 2 biological children and 1 adopted child (so far). We would like you to know that there is no reason to wonder or worry if we would be able to love an adopted child as much as a biological child. T ... Read more about Jonathan and Kimberly


Dear Expectant Mommy, Your journey has brought you to a fork in the road. It's not that you don't want your baby. You do. But for whatever reason you ultimately came to this ''place'' where you feel that what is best for your child is to have a life different than what you can provide and you choose adoption. You believe with all your heart that ... Read more about Tracy

Melissa and Chris

Hi! Thank you for considering making an adoption plan. We have been blessed with the miracle of adoption with our two daughters, and the incredible sacrifice in adoption is not lost on us. We keep close contact with both of our girls' birth mothers. We want to support the highest level of openness that you would be comfortable with. We also know th ... Read more about Melissa and Chris

Greg and Wendy

We want you to know that we have such admiration for you. We understand that choosing an adoption plan for your child is extremely difficult. It takes a very strong person to do that. We have been blessed to have adopted our 3 children & we are excited to complete our family with one more adoption. We have open adoptions with all 3 of our children' ... Read more about Greg and Wendy

Greg and Cassi

Thank you for considering our family as you make the selfless decision of who will parent your child. Adoption has always been in our hearts, but even more after we had quite the challenging time welcoming our son Colton into the world almost 4 years ago. God has reassured us in many ways already on this journey and He has played a large role in wh ... Read more about Greg and Cassi

Kayla and Bradley

Our life experiences have showed us that there is no such thing as an easy path in life. What you could you provide for our potential family is a ray of light that may brighten our future. We will never understand what you are feeling from day to day, but we promise, if given the opportunity, we will be there for you mentally, emotionally and physi ... Read more about Kayla and Bradley

Mary Beth and Matthew

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our life as you explore adoption. We know this is an extremely hard decision and we commend you for considering such a selfless act. Wherever your journey leads, we hope you find comfort in knowing that your sacrifice means more than words could ever convey to a couple wanting to build their family throu ... Read more about Mary Beth and Matthew

Stephanie and Justin

We are incredibly thankful that you have chosen to learn more about us and we admire your bravery as you make this unimaginable decision. We married very young and have since enjoyed a strong and loving marriage for 17 years. It has always been our dream to have children join our family. There is nothing we want more than to love and nurture childr ... Read more about Stephanie and Justin

Jonathan and Linda

We are Jon and Linda from Virginia and can't wait to complete our family through the miracle that is adoption. We really feel something is missing from our family and would love to add a beautiful little girl. We are a military family and as such know how to appreciate the little moments in life. We can't imagine how hard this decision is for you ... Read more about Jonathan and Linda


I am so thankful for you to pick my profile and hopeful that you like it and we get to talk one day. I cannot wait to meet the baby. I am so excited, thankful, and humbled that you are considering choosing me to raise your child. I promise you your baby ... Read more about Larisa

Haley and Devin

We wish we could hug you and say these words face to face, but we cannot, so we pray you know that every word you are preparing to read is straight from the heart. We cannot fathom what you are walking through or imagine how this moment must be for you, but we are humbled by the fact you are here considering your options. We pray for you and your c ... Read more about Haley and Devin

Justin and Jose

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and considering us to be the parents to your baby. We are humbled by your bravery in considering adoption. It is difficult to fit our lives into a small survey, but we hope that it will give you an idea of who we are and why we would make great fathers. We have a wonderful life together and cannot ... Read more about Justin and Jose

Michele and Mark

Our hearts go out to you. While we have not met, we imagine that this is a hardship for you. Our desire, as adoptive parents, is to honor all life. We would want to honor your life, the life of a child you are bringing into the world, the life of this child's biological father, grandparents, and siblings and relatives. We have always had open c ... Read more about Michele and Mark

Hector and Laura

We can't imagine how you must feel, nor what we can say to assure you that you are placing this child in safe hands with us. We can say that ours is a warm and loving home, with a close-knit family, and if nothing else this child will grow up knowing that she is loved. The four of us - and our extended network of grandparents and aunts and cousins ... Read more about Hector and Laura

Jessica and Karl

Courageous, brave, strong, loving and compassionate are only a few words that come to our minds describing the selfless act to giving your precious child an opportunity to a life full of unending love and boundless opportunity. Words can't express the emotions you must feel. Your bravery astounds us in so many ways. We want you to know that we pray ... Read more about Jessica and Karl

Sharon and Jason

This is our promise to you... Our struggles to start and grow our family have made us appreciate that families come in many forms. While we can only appreciate your decision, we can make you the following promises. First and foremost, your child will always be loved and will become an instant part of our family. Second, we will always speak highl ... Read more about Sharon and Jason

Ginger and Peter

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile, and get to know us! Our faith has led us to this journey for ourselves as a family, and even though we haven't met you, please know that we are thinking about you with truly humbled hearts as ... Read more about Ginger and Peter

Laura and Jesse

We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes to select an adoption plan for you and your baby. You are making one of the largest selfless acts a human can possibly make! In April of 2015, Laura was diagnosed with pre-uterine cancer and underwent an immediate hysterectomy. We were grateful that she was diagnosed and ... Read more about Laura and Jesse

Molly and Richard

Dear Birthmother, We appreciate the time you are taking to view our family profile and feel blessed that we have this opportunity to make a connection with you. Our paths are crossing because of our shared goal for your child to grow up in a loving and nurturing home. We have the utmost respect for your feelings and decisions in this process and ... Read more about Molly and Richard

Eric and Patricia

We believe that what you're doing is nothing short of courageous. No matter how you've come to this choice, we know it could not have been without struggle. For that, you have our admiration and respect. We hope that this profile is both a view ... Read more about Eric and Patricia

Kristy and Trevor

Hi! We are a fun-loving family who loves to travel and have adventures. We admire you for looking to adoption as we consider it to be the most selfless gift a parent can give to their child. We invite you to read our profile and watch our video. You can find both at ( The video is helpful because it does a much better ... Read more about Kristy and Trevor

Evette and Edward

The decision you have made to gift your child to another family is one we know you did not make lightly. It cannot be easy and there is nothing we are able to say in the allotted 200-300 words that will make this decision any easier. I will say this, however, we are a believer in fate and God's intention for each of our lives and have never felt de ... Read more about Evette and Edward


Thank you for allowing me to raise your bundle of joy. I promise to love and care for this child. I plan to expose this child to all the wonders of life - theatre, dance, art - as well as the zoo, traveling to different places, and meeting new and wonderous people. This child will be raised in the church and will be a baptised child of God. This ... Read more about Dawn

Aliza and Brandon

Read more about Aliza and Brandon

Susanne and Katherine

In our home, your child will be raised seeing a loving, stable relationship between the parents. Our journey to this point has only strengthened our bond. Plus, your child will not have just one, but two mama bears! Hopefully this environment of support, love, and faithfulness will only help your child flourish. He/she will be able to grow and ... Read more about Susanne and Katherine

Bailey and Nicole

Hello! We are honored that you are considering us as your adoptive parents. Our hope is that this gives you a little insight in to our love for each other, who we are, and the love we hope to share with another child.We can't begin to understand the emotions you will experience as you bravely contemplate an adoption plan for your baby and we are gr ... Read more about Bailey and Nicole

Lexie and Andrew

Read more about Lexie and Andrew

Barbara and Jon

Thank you for reading our profile and getting to know a little about us and our story. We are a couple who love relaxing together with a good book, taking nice walks through our neighborhood, laughter filled gatherings with friends, and cooking a yummy dinner together while catching up on the day. We have been happily married since 2009. We are ... Read more about Barbara and Jon

Jason and Caitlyn

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to consider us. While we cannot fully understand what you are experiencing, we admire your love and compassion for your child and your strength and courage in making this decision. If you were to choose us, we would be incredibly grateful for the blessing you would be giving our family. W ... Read more about Jason and Caitlyn

Jerome and Kevin

It amazes us to think of the strength you have in the face of all you're going through. We cannot begin to imagine the difficulties you must be facing: physically, emotionally, and mentally. All we can say is thank you. Thank you for choosing to give your child the opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Thank you for letting your child grow ... Read more about Jerome and Kevin