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Home Study Providers

At Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions, we hope to provide potential adoptive families with the information they need during the adoption process. It can be a difficult path and our goal is to make it as easy as possible.  Home study requirements are in place with the express purpose of ensuring the best interests of an adopted child. They can be used to prepare a potential adoptive family for raising an adopted child, and to rule out any that may be unfit to become parents.

What to Expect with an Adoptive Home Study

No matter what state you are planning to adopt in, there are laws in place that require all prospective adoptive parents to go through a home study. This is the case no matter how you plan to adopt. The home study process is intended to prepare the adoptive family for the adoption itself as well as to verify the family is in the best place to accept the new child into their home.

Just as the name implies, a home study will inspect the prospective residence to ensure it is fit for a child. A home study provider will usually want to view all areas of the house, and while they aren’t expecting perfection, a safe child-friendly environment is really what they want to be sure of.  You can view to learn more in depth information on the home study process.

Personal Aspects of an Adoptive Home Study

In addition to verifying the physical condition of the home, the backgrounds of prospective adoptive parents are also thoroughly checked during the process of a home study. This can include family background, employment history, and even credit checks. Most all states also require criminal background checks on federal, state, and local levels as well as a checking the abuse and neglect registry. This can ensure that the child doesn’t get placed in a home with a history of abuse. However, just because a background check may come back with less than desirable results, it does not necessarily mean adoption is impossible for you.

Home Study Providers by State

While there are certainly many Home Study Providers available in your state, click on your specific state to the right to view a short list of whom we would recommend.  These are professionals that have proven to provide concise and quality services to our adoptive families.