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California Adoption

Adoption in California

If you live in California and are pregnant and considering adoption, please visit our For Birthmothers page for more information on how the adoption process works.  

Looking for the right Adoptive Family for you?  Visit our View Waiting Families page to read profiles for adoptive families hoping to adopt a child.

Below is some brief information about adoption laws in California.  If you are an adoptive family and are just starting your adoption journey, visit our Adoptive Family Page to learn more about how adoption works.   Below is a list of California Home Study Providers if you are an adoptive family looking to take the first steps in your adoption journey.  

We appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by and certainly look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

California Adoption Law

When it comes to laws that govern California adoption, trying to find a quick and simple answer can be frustrating.  Trying to decipher what a specific adoption law statute means can be overwhelming.  Below is a quick summary to some of the most common California adoption laws.  NOTE: Under no circumstances should this information be relied upon as complete legal advice or applicable to your specific adoption.  It is intended only to be a reference and not definitive.

Consent to Adopt

The birthmother and birthfather can sign consent anytime after the birthmother is discharged from the hospital. The signing of consent must be witnessed by an adoption service provider. Consent can be revoked anytime up to 30-45 days after signing. A court hearing is not required to revoke consent. The state does not have a birthfather registry.

Birthmother Living Expenses

Birthmother living expenses are allowed to be paid with no specified maximum. Up to 4-6 weeks post partum expenses may be allowable.

Adoption Finalization

Finalization may occur 6-11 months from the date consent to adopt is irrevocable. The state does allow non-residents to finalize in the state of California. State statutes do allow finalization to take place in another state.

California Home Study Providers

In California, a Home Study is the first step in the adoption process.  Essentially, a home study is performed to ensure that you would be capable and appropriate parents to an adopted child.  A home study may be performed by the California Department of Human Resources, a licensed child placing agency, or an individual or agency licensed by the department to perform investigations

Over the years, Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions has built a national database of Home Study Providers. These are individuals that have proven to be professionals in their field. Based on our experience, they provide the most comprehensive and qualified home studies within their state.

This list is provided to you as a service in the interest of positive adoptions. All individuals and entities listed are independent and do not represent Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions in any way. Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions does not receive any fee or portion of the home study provider’s fee for making their contact information available to you.

Cynthia Savage

Adoption Horizons
Eureka, CA

Peggy Shulze

Chrysalis House, Inc.
Fresno, CA
559 229-9862

Sherry Gimple

Kinship Center
Santa Anna, CA
714 979-2365


Nightlight Adoptions
Fullerton, CA
714 693-5437

Robyn Harrod

Los Angeles, CA
213 262-5523

Audrey DeGraff

The Family Network, Inc
Capitola, CA
831 462-8954