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Zachary and Whitney

Status: Currently Matched

About Zachary

  • Zachary
  • 31
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Carpenter
  • Rock collecting, home remodeling, woodworking
  • Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing
  • Rocks, exploring and sports.
  • Hard-working, friendly, and caring
My name is Zachary. Everyone calls me either Zach, Uncle Zachy, spud, dadda, or when I'm in trouble Zachary Thomas. I am 29 years old, born and raised in a small town in Montana. I grew up farming and ranching working my butt off. I met my lovely future wife Whitney about three years before we got hitched in July of 2012. Three months after we were married we had our first surprise, Whitney was pregnant with our first and only child Mack. Mack was born two days before my birthday in July of 2013. My wife and Mack are my best friends. I currently build houses for a developer.

About Whitney

  • Whitney
  • 32
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Registered Nurse
  • Reading, watching movies, cooking
  • Hiking, camping, playing volleyball, exercising.
  • My family, music, church and reading
  • Friendly, patient, and honest
I grew up in a small town in Montana, where I met my husband Zach. I attended nursing school and now have a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. I work two days a week at our local hospital in the float pool, I love always getting to do something different. I am a mom to our five year old son, Mack. What I love about being a mom is getting to see the world in a whole new light. I love spending time with my family.

Dear Birthmother

Dear Birth Parents, We want you to know you are incredibly strong for making an adoption plan. We know this is a very important decision for you and if this is meant to be we will be honored. We thank you for giving us a chance to have another child. Our son Mack wants to be a big brother and we desire another child. We pray for you often. We would love an open adoption, we feel the more love our children can experience the better! We are agreeable to any level of openness you desire.

Reason to Adopt

We both desired to have children as well as adopt one day. Zach was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly after Whitney found out she was pregnant with Mack. Whitney also developed pre-eclampsia with Mack and then six days after he was born had a stroke. Thankfully most of the symptoms have resolved. Trying to have any additional biological children would be too high risk. Mack wants a sibling as well and we all desire a larger family. Our family will be the first generation of adopting a child, which we think is awesome. Adoption will be a part of our story as a family.


We are Zach and Whitney along with our five-year-old son Mack. We have been married for six years. We have two dogs, Olaf the labradoodle and Emmy the Aussielabradoodle. I have a younger brother who lives in Montana and an older sister who lives in Washington. My dad and mom were married 26 years when he passed away. I get to see my Mom almost daily now, she lives 12 minutes away, and I am so thankful for that. Zach has two younger brothers who live in Washington, a younger sister who lives in Washington and an older sister who lives in Montana. Zach's parents are divorced, we get to see his mom several times a year when she travels from Washington. We feel family time is very important. We have six nieces and one nephew. We love getting the kids together for cousin time and try to do this several times a year. Our whole family practices Christianity in the way to ask Jesus into our hearts and thank God for all things. We practice with good deeds and being good friendly people. We teach Mack and will teach our future children about how they can talk to Jesus through prayer whenever/wherever they want.


I work part-time as a nurse at the local hospital and my schedule is very flexible. I work two days a week which is great because I get to spend the majority of my time at home. Zach works full time as a carpenter five days a week from 7 am- 4pm. Zach's boss is great about giving him time off when needed. My mom watches Mack and will watch our additional children when we both are working. Mack attends a private Christian kindergarten during the week.

Our Home and Activities

We live in Northern Idaho and we are surrounded by lakes and mountains. The town we live in has a small town feel with everything you could ask for. We are surrounded by blue skies, sparkling waters, and forested mountains. There are always family friendly activities in our community that we love going to such as the fair and kids' day in the park. We frequently go to Silverwood Theme park. We love spending time in our large backyard playing in the sandbox, jumping on the trampoline, working in the garden or just throwing a Frisbee. We have a beautiful view of a mountain out our front window and lots of beautiful trees. We love going on walks or bike rides around our neighborhood or going to the park within walking distance. A few activities we enjoy together include hiking, camping, snowshoeing, rock hunting, and family movie nights. We love visiting the Oregon Coast and plan to go to Disneyland/Disneyworld in the future. We would also love to go to Hawaii someday. We go on camping trips with our trailer during the summer to various campgrounds in our area. We frequently visit Seattle and Poulsbo, Washington where we have family. Every year we go out and cut down our own Christmas tree, which has become a family tradition. We do elf on the shelf in the month of December to count down the days to Christmas. We rotate Christmas's spent with Zach's family and Whitney's family.