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Troy and Marcia

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Troy

  • Troy
  • 45
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Loan officer/pastor & farmer
  • Fishing, horse back riding
  • Avid exercise
  • Faith, family
  • Dependable, loving, faithful
Troy is a very loving father and puts everything he has into his family. He loves to be with them and they do things together a lot including several family trips/vacations. Troy is a pastor and has been for 25 years helping others with a servant-leader's heart. He is a hard worker and earns a good income to provide for his family. Troy is deeply devoted to his wife, Marcia, and they have been married for 25 years. They have struggled to have a family and this has been very heart breaking over the years. He is past ready to adopt and have a baby to love, raise, and provide a good life for!

About Marcia

  • Marcia
  • 47
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Full time Mom
  • Reading, being with family
  • Traveling, shopping
  • Church, family
  • Loving, supportive, dedicated to family
I am a full time Mom which is what I love to do. Troy and I have been married for 25 years and have always loved kids and wanted a family ourselves. I am a personal of very strong faith in God being raised as a Christian pastor's daughter. I am very hard working for my family's needs. I cherish the relationships and friendships God has allowed me in my life. Troy and I are very devoted to each other with a lot of love and have learned to lean upon each other through the hard times in life and the good. I am pretty witty and enjoy a lot of laughs.

Dear Birthmother

Dear Mom, We are Marcia & Troy Grider. Our deepest hearts desire is to adopt a baby. Our journey to adoption has been long and heart breaking at times. We learned very early on that our goal to have a family was going to require a lot of prayer as we could not conceive on our own. After 8 years, our only birth daughter was born and we were very thrilled to be so blessed by God! We have always wanted a big happy family and knew that God was ''calling'' us to adopt which is inline with our hearts as well. We had the opportunity to adopt three brothers and sister who were split apart in different homes and fell in love with each one! We did not have it in our hearts to let them remain split apart and they have blessed us so. Since that time God has established strong bonds between us all! We have the same love to our adopted children as we have for our birth child. Now, we want to adopt one more time. Our whole family is so very excited for a little one. We have so much love to give to your baby, but we realize that you are giving the greatest gift in allowing us to raise your child. Please know that your baby will not lack for anything and will be a little ''spoiled'' from many different ones. His brothers and sisters can't wait! We can assure that he/she will be raised in a home where morals, values, faith, and a good education are our core beliefs. We have good income to supply all the needs and most of the desires too for our family (we like to travel a lot, especially to Disney and the beach). We live on a large farm where there is plenty of room to play and explore. We cannot imagine how difficult of a decision this must be for you and want you to know that we will forever ensure that your child knows how much the love you have and hope for their life. After being married to each other for 25 years, we are stable in our relationship with each other, we are both in good health physically and emotionally, and our kids are all thriving. We are more than ready to give this little one a life of love and happiness! Thank you for considering us to be the forever family for your little one. He will be received with great joy and as gift from you and God!

Reason to Adopt

The inability to conceive for many years and the desire for a big family