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Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Tracy

  • Tracy
  • 53
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Manager of Analytics Dept.
  • Gardening, Love of Learning, Design and Decorating, Writing, Reading,
  • Walking, Dancing & Music, Friends & Family
  • I love babies and children and giving back to the community.
  • Perseverance, Loyal, Committed

Dear Birthmother

Your journey has brought you to a fork in the road. It's not that you don't want your baby. You do. But for whatever reason you ultimately came to this "place" where you feel that what is best for your child is to have a life different than what you can provide, and you choose adoption. You know that you have been led here to this place but the uncertainties you feel causes you much anguish. You believe with all your heart that your contemplation of placing your precious bundle up for adoption is the right choice but still how will you know you chose the right Mommy? I pray for God to show you and to give you perfect peace. I can promise you that I will raise this precious gift attentively with unconditional love and will be completely committed to their personhood - always thinking of what is best for them and nurturing them to be all they can possibly be. They will be raised as givers and people who contribute positively to society and seek to make a difference. Probably one of the greatest traits that I will model for this precious life is that there's no such thing as impossible and it's always too soon to quit. Belief and perseverance is the key to a successful life and success can be demonstrated in many forms. Thank you for reading my letter. I would love to have face time with you and answer any questions you may have. God bless you in your decision and thank you for choosing life.

Reason to Adopt

I began fostering because I knew that I had been blessed and blessed for a reason. I wanted to make a difference - a real difference you know...I don’t want to do life small. I truly found my life and purpose when I laid my life down. My first and only foster case was twin male boys who were with me straight from the hospital and in my life until eight and a half months. The twins were preemie fragile babies with only a 7%-11% chance of survival. I was told there was no family to take them and planning on adopting them - then suddenly the unthinkable happened! An aunt who repeatedly said that she didn't want them suddenly decided she did and the DFCS system allowed placement. I still feel led to move forward and I wait for my family to complete itself.

Home and Work Life Balance

As you know I am single. I have been with my company over 13 years and hold a very good position and an even better promising future. I plan to take FMLA immediately upon adoption. After that, I have a couple of good choices. Most likely I will have my younger sister who lives with me become my nanny - at least the first year. My sister Lisa has worked in daycare on some level for almost 29 years. Currently she is working Administrative but clearly an excellent choice. Near me as well is a nationally acclaimed private daycare as well. I would love to be a stay at home mom but for now I will need to work. The advantage that I have is that I rarely work over eight hours a day AND everyday my hour long lunch break is where my baby/babies are. It matters! I live in a middle class neighborhood around family oriented folks. My neighbors are culturally diverse and I have never felt more that I belonged. My neighbors are very supportive of my adoption plans and are excited for me! We have a lot of very young babies/children in the neighborhood.

Faith and Family

My faith is a big part of who I am. I go to church on Sunday's, believe in the power of prayer and miracles! I grew up in a family of nine (4 boys, 2 girls). I have also a brother that didn't grow up with me. My plan is to adopt three children perhaps. Maybe more... I believe in nutritious meals and mealtime togetherness is important to me. A work week typically keeps me close to home but still much fun can be had on stroller walks or backyard swings or just talking back and forth with "I love you. Whatever age or stage I can promise you the focus and priority will be on them. I have much to offer. I have been blessed and believe that those blessings are meant to share. As I write this letter to you I try to anticipate what you might wonder...Do I have a man in my life? No, not at this time. Perhaps one day again... If not, there won't be a shortage of male role models with friends and family. We will do life together and they will always KNOW that I love them (and you do too).

I Am Grateful To You

The adoption type is completely your choice whether it's open, semi-open or closed though I strongly believe that open adoption is best for the child; however, I will respect whatever decision you choose. I promise to you that your baby will know that it was BECAUSE you loved them so much you chose me. Life rarely works out the way we think it will. For me life through me a curve ball but through it all I have become stronger. I don't see it as unfortunate that I never birthed children but rather by God's design. An unknown author said, "No, I didn't give you the gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you."