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Tami and Matthew

Status: Currently Matched

About Tami

  • Tami
  • 35
  • CC/HI
  • None
  • College
  • Fish Biologist
  • learning American Sign Language, piano, and simple crafts
  • snorkeling, swimming, camping, kayaking
  • ocean and fish science, traveling, education, animals
  • caring, understanding, kind
I grew up on Long Island and found my way out to California shortly after high school. Super happy about the path life created for me because it lead me to the college where I met Matthew. I love exploring and discovering new places to travel where we can swim or kayak but I also love visiting the mountains. You will often find me singing silly little made up songs about our pets. Playing with our dogs and rabbit is always super entertaining and is how I spend most of my time at home. Most of all I am looking forward to becoming a mom and sharing our adventures, the love of our pets, and our silliness with our child.

About Matthew

  • Matthew
  • 35
  • HI
  • None
  • College
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Gardening, woodworking, writing in journals, and drawing.
  • camping, playing with our dogs, hiking
  • learning woodworking and gardening, movies, reading
  • silly, dependable, thoughtful
I grew up in Long Beach, California where I attended college and met Tami. While in college we had fun going to the tide pools where Tami would teach me all about the tide pool animals. We moved to San Diego after college where I started a job as a Deputy Sheriff. I love working in my department where I get to help people every day. At home I like to relax and watch movies or play around with our dogs and other pets. I really enjoy creating things out of wood, drawing, and writing stories. It would be a great pleasure to have a child to teach these passions to and watch him or her grow into their own passions to share with us.

Dear Birthmother

Dearest Wonderful YOU! Our excitement throughout this journey is strong and we look forward to getting to know more of your story and what you hope for your child. We also understand there are emotions and concerns involved so we hope the following stories will ease some of those worries and bring comfort in knowing that we are genuinely excited to become parents. Throughout this process we hope you learn that the most important part is to convey our ability to parent your child with love and adventure. With the greatest gratitude we thank you for considering us to love and cherish your child as our own.

Reason to Adopt

When we first started talking about being together forever our dream was always to have children. During these early discussions we were also excited to consider adoption as a way to grow our family. After 4 years of trying fertility treatments with no success we decided to explore adoption more seriously. Adoption was always a plan we considered therefore this decision was easy to make. During the last 3 years we have been in the waiting process with an adoption agency. However, this agency's focus is completing home studies and helping with legalities rather than finding matches. While being in the waiting process we decided to wait until we were settled into our forever home to consider joining an additional agency. Now that we have our forever home, and our careers are stable we have decided that it is time for us to become a complete family which lead us to joining with Abby's One True Gift. Seven years is a long time to wait to become a family but we are confident that this wait will be worth it and that the right child will join our family at the right time.

Our Story

Our story begins with a bit of luck. During the Fall 2007 semester of college Tami's schedule was changed last minute putting her in the same math class with Matthew. A few short months later we started dating. On our two year anniversary Matthew proposed to Tami in our favorite place, Catalina Island. On our third anniversary we were married in the tide pools of La Jolla. Together over the last 12 years we have grown together, rescued and raised many pets, traveled, started careers, bought a home, all of this always with the goal of becoming parents.

Our Family

Our child will have support on many fronts. Tami's parents live in a granny cottage on our property with their dog. We have family that live close by in San Diego that we love spending time with especially during the holidays. Matthew's mom lives near the Hoover Dam and it is always a blast visiting her and eating her delicious cooking. Together we enjoy traveling to Long Island where Tami is from to visit family and we love having family visit us. With a large, diverse family all over the country, and lots of friends and family here in San Diego, our child will experience different ways of life be it by eating arroz con gandules, celebrating Chinese New Year, learning Ukrainian phrases, or eating delicious Long Island pizza. Our child will have all of these homes open to him or her giving the unique opportunity to tour the country. Our extended family is open and welcoming of all and already includes adopted children. Families are made from many different means and our family is no different; we embrace diversity.

Our Home

We have created this warm and loving home in east county San Diego. On a mountainside with about 2 acres of wondrous land to explore you will experience views of the valley and mountains, bunnies darting across the ground, you'll hear the horses across the street, and may even hear the coyotes in the canyon. The home has three bedrooms and two baths as well as a dedicated movie room where we love cuddling on the couch with our dogs Wrigley and Rubi. The first thing you hear when entering our home is the calming sound of the waterfalls from our turtle ponds. You will also encounter our silly little bunny Juggernaut as he follows you around asking for ear scratches.