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Stephanie and Justin

Status: Currently Matched

About Stephanie

  • Stephanie
  • 39
  • CC
  • None
  • High School
  • Business Owner / Administration - Support Services
  • Cooking & Baking, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Recreation, Travel
  • Family Gatherings, Caring for Pets, Cooking, Nature Trails, Gardening, Camping
  • Cooking / New Recipes, Travel / New Destinations & Cultures
  • Organized, Compassionate, Creative
I was raised in a rural area. My brother and I spent our childhood outdoors playing in the woods, visiting the lake, the river, mountains, and beaches. My father was very handy and inspired our love for the outdoors. My mother is a nurse by profession, however she was born with a gift for caring for others. She is incredibly supportive and involved with her family. Justin and I met very young while working for the same company. We shared many life aspirations and inspired each other to pursue those dreams. Together we have nurtured a successful business, in which we are very proud of the positive impact we are able to have on so many people. We have enjoyed many adventures together over our 17 year long marraige. Our biggest aspiration is to have children of our own. We combine for a great balance of characteristics and I believe we will be wonderful parents together.

About Justin

  • Justin
  • 40
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Business Owner / Finance- Support Services for Adu
  • Outdoor Recreation, Travel, Reading, Sports Memorabilia Collecting, Fishing
  • Nature Trails, Family Gatherings, Sports, Working on Cars, Camping
  • History, Baseball, Football, Cars & Trucks, Finance, Current Events
  • Easy-going, Funny, Intelligent
I've lived in Virginia my entire life. I grew up in a two parent household, with a younger sister. I had very loving grandparents who were extremely involved in my life, and I was also close to my extended family. We had regular gatherings with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. There was always a lot of laughter and we made many happy memories. I met my wife during my senior year of college and our adventure began soon after. We've had an exciting 17 years together filled with many experiences. My only desire is to raise children with Stephanie, and I know she will be an amazing mother.

Dear Birthmother

We are incredibly thankful that you have chosen to learn more about us and we admire your bravery as you make this unimaginable decision. We married very young and have since enjoyed a strong and loving marriage for 17 years. It has always been our dream to have children join our family. There is nothing we want more than to love and nurture children so they can realize their fullest happiness and potential. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were just becoming adults, falling in love, and discussing the type of family we would eventually build together. Time has passed quickly, but the road to having children has been long for us. There have been unexpected challenges that we did not foresee. However, we remain as committed as ever to have the family we know we are meant to have, and we are tremendously excited to adopt! We also have a wonderfully supportive family, which includes very eager grandparents who are waiting to expand their duties to our children! We have so much love to give, so many things to teach, and so many memories to make with our future children. Should you choose to place your child with us, they will be raised knowing that you are a special person and your decision was made from love.

Our Home

Our home is like a sanctuary to us and we love where we live. It is nestled on 12 wooded acres, with a small river running through the back of our property. This is special to us because we were also married in front of this river. Our home is large and spacious. We built our home 14 years ago while anticipating that we would fill it with children soon after. The journey has ended up taking longer than we imagined. However, we have managed to add several furry family members! We have four adorable dogs, each with their own distinct personality. We also have 12 chickens, which give us a farm-like feel in our backyard, along with plenty of fresh eggs! Our neighborhood feels rural, yet it is located in a suburban area and convenient to anything you could want or need. The neighbors are friendly, many with children who frequently come outside to play. Our schools are great, and there are an abundance of recreational opportunities in our community. We also have family nearby, including our mothers, brother, sister, nieces, and nephew. To us, it is the perfect place to live.

Our Family

Our family is very close and we enjoy spending many of our most cherished moments together. We are fortunate to live near our family members, so everyone can be reached with a short drive. We celebrate all of life's most important events together, such as holidays, birthdays, and milestones. However, you can also find us cheering on our nieces and nephew at soccer, basketball, field hockey, football, and school award ceremonies. Much of our family life revolves around supporting the kiddos. We love cheering them on and letting them know how special they are to us. We also travel with our family every year. It is an important tradition for us to plan a special trip with our niece and nephew, sometimes more than once in a year. Together, we have visited Disney World, Universal Studios, Gatlinburg, many beach towns, and numerous amusement parks. We always try new activities together whether it be goat yoga, stand up paddle boarding, white water rafting, horseback riding, mountain coasters... if they are up for the adventure, we are too! We both also enjoy traveling with our mothers and our siblings. Family trips are special memories that we hope to pass along to our children as well.

Our Business

We are both self employed and enjoy a flexible schedule that allows us to do most of our work from home. We will have a lot of time to spend with our little ones! Together, we operate our business that provides supportive services to adults with intellectual disabilities. This includes long-term home care as well as adult day care. Through our work, we have learned to be even better versions of ourselves. We are tremendously accepting of others and we appreciate the special characteristics that makes each person unique. The individuals we work with have taught us to be insightful, understanding, and creative. We appreciate simple joys in life and do not take things for granted. We are so fortunate to have met so many kind souls and to be tied to our community in such a special way.