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Sharon and Jason

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Sharon

  • Sharon
  • 34
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Meeting planner
  • Scrapbooking, traveling
  • Running, swimming, playing games
  • Traveling, relaxing with family
  • Caring, Funny, Organized
I have always been determined, no matter what the situation. I'm always there when needed and will fight for those that I love. I am funny and always there to lighten the mood with a joke or impromptu game of peek-a-boo. It is no doubt that people are drawn to me. I work as a meeting and events manager, planning and traveling to meetings in Greece, Peru, Galapagos Islands, Turkey, and Israel. I get to work from my home office and get off early in the afternoon to spend time with our son, Asher, and go on other adventures. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, running, and baking. My favorite thing now is spending time with Asher and play dates with my best friend and her son.

About Jason

  • Jason
  • 39
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Attorney
  • Running, cooking, traveling
  • Running, hiking, building things
  • Spending time with family and dogs, coffee
  • Charismatic, Easy going, Patient
I am caring, loyal and ensure my family is taken care of. I'm calm, patient, and level headed. I can make people laugh when they are mad or lift their spirits when they are sad. I am an in-house attorney and executive for a software company. My job affords me the opportunity to have Fridays off to spend with our son, Asher, and new addition. Together we go to the zoo, coffee with Grandpa and more! I love running, cooking, and traveling. My favorite runs now are pushing Asher in the jogger to the park or to the nearby stables to look at the horses and tractors.

Dear Birthmother

This is our promise to you... Our struggles to start and grow our family have made us appreciate that families come in many forms. While we can only appreciate your decision, we can make you the following promises. First and foremost, your child will always be loved and will become an instant part of our family. Second, we will always speak highly of you and your decisions. We will always put our children and family first. We will make sure the days are full of as much love and fun as possible, and will always make time to listen, comfort, and celebrate victories. We will try to provide our children with the best opportunities, education, and adventures. We will always stop to appreciate the small things like reading a book or giving a high-five. We will foster their passions and support them in their struggles. They will always be loved. Thank you again for considering us. - Sharon and Jason

Reason to Adopt

After a few years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we knew that adoption was the path that we were meant to take. However, in December 2017, we received news that we were pregnant with our son. He stole our hearts and changed our lives immediately. This joy we came to know only solidified our desire to continue growing our family. Adoption was in our plans in 2017 before our surprise news, and we are so excited to meet our new child and share our love. Having the opportunity to adopt to add to our amazing family is such a privilege.

Jason & Sharon

Hi, we're Jason & Sharon (and Asher)! We met in 2007 while training for a marathon. We soon realized that we were more than just friends and fell in love with the caring, supportive partners we are to each other. After a few years of dating, we were married in September 2011. We realized early in our relationship that we both have a love of travel. Our love of travel has taken us all over the world together from Alaska to Iceland, San Diego to Bermuda and Boston to Italy. We can't wait to start sharing our love of travel with our family and learning of different cultures and traditions around the world. Our other early love was in running. Jason started running in high school and Sharon started in college. We consider ourselves lucky to have found each other through running. We've run races together and cheered each other on from the sidelines. Our last hurrah was to run the Boston Marathon in 2015 before starting our family. We are both deeply loyal to our friends, family, and each other. We both think that we are the funniest people alive and love to go on adventures, travel, and spend time with our family. We love our son, Asher, who was born in August 2018, more than words could possible describe and want more than anything to grow our family and share the love that we have to give.

Our family & traditions

We are very fortunate to have our immediate family nearby. Babcia (which is Polish for Grandmother) is Sharon's mom who lives close with Grandpa. She is a retired Spanish teacher and watches Asher when we are at work and will watch our future children as well. Sharon's brother also lives close with his girlfriend. In addition to birthdays and holidays, the family gets together frequently for Sunday dinner and outings. Jason's family also live nearby. In addition to family get togethers, it is common for Jason to meet up with his brother, sisters, and Asher's 7 cousins. Holidays and traditions hold a special place in our home and nothing shows that more than during Christmas time. We decorate both the inside and outside of our house. The tree is trimmed with ornaments of memories from past trips (Asher and his sibling will get their own), so we can reminisce every year while decorating. Christmas morning is spent seeing if Santa came, a homemade breakfast, and family photos in our matching pajamas. We also enjoy spending time with both of our families during the holidays. We go to Zoo Lights, the Nutcracker, the North Pole Experience, and visit the neighborhoods with the best lights. While Christmas may be the biggest holiday we celebrate, we enjoy the fireworks and BBQs of the 4th of July, the Trick or Treating of Halloween, and time spent with family at Easter, Passover, and Thanksgiving.

Travel & Adventure

We both love new experiences. With our birthdays just one day apart, we try to celebrate by escaping for a cabin, Denver to visit friends or Disneyland. Together, we have been lucky to travel to Iceland, Italy, England, Hawaii, Alaska, Bermuda, St. Lucia (honeymoon), Vancouver and all over the United States. Asher has started his travels now, too. As a family we have done a lot of trips close by within Arizona, and some longer trips to Denver and the beach in San Diego. We love seeing how others live and learning about new cultures. We hope to continue to share these experiences with our family as we grow. Since meeting each other, we have taught each other so much and at times have pushed each other out of our comfort zones We have even learned new things together like scuba diving, snowboarding, and glass blowing. We intend to continue to get out of the house, learn new things, and continue our adventures together with our children. Our hope is to allow our children to discover their passion and become their own unique individuals (with great stories).