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Rachael and Carl

Status: Currently Matched

About Rachael

  • Rachael
  • 34
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Project Coordinator
  • I love to garden, many say I have a green thumb! Being outside is so peaceful.
  • I enjoy reading, I love all genres. Family hikes are a favorite, and just being outside with my son.
  • Interior design and decor. I would love to build our own home one day and make it exactly what we want.
  • kindhearted, strong, selfless
RACHAEL IS THE MOST LOVING, PATIENT AND SELFLESS PERSON I KNOW. God has blessed me with her, and every day I am thankful. Rachael loves to read, she goes through multiple books a month! She also loves to cook and doesn't need a recipe to whip up s

About Carl

  • Carl
  • 36
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Director of Sales
  • I enjoy hunting and boating.
  • I love to run and stay active. I enjoy sports all around and attending games.
  • Interests include sports, hunting and anything to do with my family.
  • Dedicated, Adventurous, Hardworking
TREY IS MY ROCK, ALWAYS SUPPORTIVE AND LOVING. I am awed by his patience, his faith and his quiet strength. Trey is a master on the grill and often surprises me with flowers. He is an outdoor man at its finest. Trey is a wonderful friend and an amazing

Dear Birthmother

Hello, We are Trey & Rachael, and we hope to communicate through a couple paragraphs who we are and exactly how much you mean to us. We want to begin by saying thank you for even considering us to adopt your child. If you're looking for a wond

Reason to Adopt

We always knew adoption was in our story. We just didn't' know that it would have happened the way it did. We got married, enjoyed it just being the 2 of us, then wanted to grow a family. After years of trying, and undergoing medical assistance,

Our Home

We were lucky enough to buy our dream home. Over the years it has become cluttered with toys and filled with laughter. It is a 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom that is surrounded by woods. We have a big fenced in backyard that is great for William to ride his car around in or to play on his swing set. Our back porch is great for having fires and grilling out. We often sit back there while eating our ice cream! We love to feed the wildlife, especially the deer. Our home is very close to the lake, which is great for our boating weekends or to play on the beach. We are very close to friends and family and love hosting gatherings. We absolutely love the peace and quite of our neighborhood!

Rachael's Family

My family resides in Michigan, my home state! I grew up out in the country, we even had a few farm animals we raised including cows, pigs & chickens. We had a few pet rabbits and a grumpy horse. We visit Michigan every summer, it's a great break from the Georgia heat. I am a Daddy's girl, so I love the bear hugs from him. He coached me in softball and was even my first boss! My Mom is a kid at heart, she loves to pick on me and her granddaughters and always gets a good laugh out of us. My big sister is hands down my best friend, I'm so incredibly lucky to have her in my life and by my side through all life's events. I have a very large extended family that I am lucky to see when I visit back home. I think the first time Trey met everyone he was overwhelmed!

Trey's Family

I am very fortunate and blessed with an incredible family. My Dad's family lives close, either in GA or TN. My Mom's family are all in in OH, but when I was young we had a family tradition of renting a beach house in Myrtle Beach, SC, where we spent time with everyone. My Mom was a Nurse, and it shows in how she's always caring for everyone! My Dad was a Plant Manger and was able to travel for work, but never missed important events. My sisters are 6 & 8 years older than me, so sometimes it felt like I had 3 moms! I treasure the relationship I have with them! We grew up in a huge neighborhood, and summers were spent riding bikes, making trails or playing golf. I was heavily involved in soccer year-round, and even played in college.