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Patricia and Patrick

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Patricia

  • Patricia
  • 47
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Graphic Design/Marketing
  • cook, travel, plan events, garden, decorate, create logos, design t-shirts and help people with resumes
  • dancing all types, but right now I am involved in tap, skiing, play soccer, Nationals baseball games, spend time with family and friends
  • Business and Employment, career counseling and I like technology, art and performing arts, taking care of my nephew.
  • resilient, welcoming and loyal
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About Patrick

  • Patrick
  • 48
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Retired Army Captain- Infantry
  • Soduku, listening to audio books, travel, using social media to keep up with friends and connect with Veterans.
  • Riding my bike, pickle ball, skiing, go public speaking at universities about the military and my injury.
  • Rugby, Military history, neuroscience and listening to music, volunteer with non-profits, spend time with my working dog Wilson
  • Easy going, Funny, Social
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Meet Pat (through Patty)

Meet Patty (through Pat)