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Patricia and David

Status: Currently Matched

About Patricia

  • Patricia
  • 55
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Executive Assistant
  • cooking, sewing, craft projects, house projects, exercise and time spent with family & friends.
  • Riding bikes, hiking the nearby mountain trails,and playing in the park
  • reading, gardening, playing in the park, and going to the beach
  • Friendly, compassionate and loves to laugh
Born and raised in California until high school when I moved to Seattle. My summers were spent operating a fishing tender boat in my parents fishing industry business in the waters around Seattle and up through the Alaskan waterways. After high school I earned a Cosmetology License. Growing up with hearing loss and having to wear hearing aids since the age of 5, I am compassionate for people who feel different or teased. I love to garden and cook with what we grow. I enjoy time with our son by completing crafts and playing in the park. I am an independent marketing executive assistant which allows freedom to raise our son. Living in the northwest allows us to enjoy mountain hikes, long bike rides and trips to the beaches.

About David

  • David
  • 57
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Construction Project Coordinator
  • soccer, woodworking, construction, hiking, bike riding
  • work on the house, take mountain hikes, bike riding, teaching my 6 year old son sport activities
  • reading, house improvement construction projects, building things with my son
  • personable, reliable, and friendly
Being in a military family, I was born in Germany and lived in 15 states for most of my early years. I come from a family of 5 kids and we relied upon each other growing up. I played soccer in high school and college. After college I taught senior English, biology, chemistry, and coached soccer at the high school I graduated from. Over the years, I have worked at rehabbing houses, and worked for a wholesale company until my current position as project coordinator. My energies are focused on creating, developing and constantly learning new things. I work to be a good husband and loving father to our 6 year old son.

Dear Birthmother

This is a very difficult time and decision for you to endear, but what a wonderful gift you are providing to another family. We can not say that we understand what you are feeling or know what you are going through but only that we are compassionate towards your challenges. We can only provide our story. Our first adoption was 6 years ago after 8 years of failure to conceive on our own and we love our son with all of our heart and soul. He was a gift from a birthmother who was facing a similar decision and we established a good relationship with her during the pregnancy through the delivery at the hospital to current phone calls and letters. Our adopted son has been asking each Christmas for a sister and brother, preferably one of each. We live in a small town east of Seattle in a neighborhood full of kids where the kids seek each other out for play and fun. Our house has 4 bedrooms and we have been planning and hoping for a new addition. We wish for you peace and love in your decision. Your faith in this process will provide you strength and comfort. God Bless you.

Reason to Adopt

We had struggled for 8 years to conceive a baby. We started the adoption process in 2009 and adopted our son in 2013. Since his adoption we have been trying to adopt another child but at this point have not been successful. can provide a loving and nurturing family/home. We have so much love to give and long to grow our family. We possess the ability to raise children with a strong faith in Christ, to be independent and confident but to be compassionate to their fellow peers.

Child rearing

We practice a calm, caring and consistent discipline. We do not spank but rather redirect and focus on expectations and good behavior. We want our son to be independent and self reliant with confidence and empathy for others. He helps in determining his own consequences and rules.


David was raised Catholic and Patti was raised as a Christian. We attend both Non-denominational Fellowship Christian church and Catholic services at Clay's school. David has studied various religions during his educational years. We believe that a child needs to have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and in religion as basis of one's ethics.


We support our child/children in his/hers educational development and have set aside funds for his/hers continued education. Our child/children may choose their own course of education whether professional school, trade school, or college. We have allocated funds for education. We believe everyone has dreams and aspirations that take different paths and require different journeys.