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Nicole and Jacques

Status: Currently Matched

About Nicole

  • Nicole
  • 48
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Small Business Owner
  • cooking, crafting, hiking, reading, enjoying friends
  • like to hike, bike ride, go to the zoo, spend time oudoors
  • art, cooking, learning new things
  • sincere, kind, giving
I was born in Worcester MA, but raised in Phoenix, then moved to Colorado during my college days where I met my amazing husband. As a kid I spent a lot of summers in San Diego, where I fell in love with the beach and ocean. I had a lot of fun pre-college days in San Diego, made a lot of great friends. Once in college, I moved to Colorado to attend art school, I grew to really appreciate the beauty of the Rockies and would often take long hikes armed with my sketchbook, pencils and a camera. I never knew what would inspire me that I had to capture and put on paper. Art has always been a big part of my life. Ever since I can remember, I have drawn and painted. My mother loves to tell me that I would always toss the new dolls and toys aside to pick up crayons and paper and then create whatever. I love to illustrate, and have started businesses based on my love of illustrating and sharing that love with others. I am often drawing out little sketches and painting when I have the time. I still enjoy being outdoors, hiking the trails in Oak Creek Canyon, or here in the Valley. When I daydream about being someplace beautiful, it is always a vision of warm tropical beaches or a secluded beautiful place in the woods. My husband and I share a love for theater and art galleries. We have attended many plays together. I also love playing board games, listening to music and cooking. I love making fabulous meals for my friends and family. The thing that makes me incredibly happy is having built a lifetime of great memories with my husband, family and friends

About Jacques

  • Jacques
  • 48
  • CC
  • None
  • College
  • Social Media and Web Designer
  • aquaponics, gardening, hiking
  • hike, bike ride, work out, read, relax
  • gardening and aquaponics, clean energy
  • kind, humurous, generous
About Jacque Well, as the name entails, I got a wee bit of French ancestry in me. Also, with a name like this, it made life quite interesting with other kids when I was young. However, I have grown to love the name as there are very few people who can say that they were named after the same man who invented SCUBA. I have always been interested in the more 'nerdy' pursuits. While I like to research ideas about things like battery technology, clean energy, and gardening I am also a HUGE fan of cars in general. Through my research of various topics, I was a successfully self taught gardener, am environmentally conscious, and can build you the best chicken coop or dog house in all of Arizona. I also find solace in things that allow me to enjoy nature. I love to hike and take bike rides when I have the time. I was a Navy man for 8 years, and used that time to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I also used that time to save a bit for college and to get a chance to travel the world. I would say that up until I was 18, I did not really have a good understanding of the world around me, just what I read about and saw on TV... but after getting to travel and experience other people and the lives they lead, the religions they follow, the cultural dynamics and just the strangeness of it all, I've come to have a much more open view of what goes on in the world around me, not just here at home.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for taking a moment to view our profile and to learn a little bit about us. While we do not know each other yet, we cannot imagine how you must be feeling right now, but we are grateful for the love you are demonstrating by considering an adoption plan for your child. We can imagine that you would want the very best for your child and you can take comfort in knowing that we would devote our lives to nurture, care and love this child. If we are matched with you, it would be an incredible honor for us. We would feel so blessed by your confidence in our family. In the pages that follow, we are excited to share a bit about ourselves and all that we can offer to this beautiful baby that is about to enter the world.

Reason to Adopt

We have always wanted a family and tried to conceive but were unable to get pregnant. So we thought we would try fostering. And while we have fallen love with every placement we have had, each child has ended up moving onto relatives. We are so ready to start a family of our own, to have that permanency of adoption, so that we can love and raise a child forever. Give them a good home, provide them with a good life, home and plenty of opportunities to grow as a child and individual.

Us as Parents

We have been foster parents for about 3 years and have taken care of three beautiful children. It has been such and amazing experience. Our first placement, Ethan, we had for 3 months. He moved to have an aunt take care of him. Our second child, Samyah, we have had for about two and a half years, and while it is dificult for us, she will be moving onto family members in Chicago. Our third child, Joey, we had for just over a year and a half and he has gone back to his mother. While we have supported family reunification, we could not help but fall in love with these children and have been sadded to see each one leave. And after these experiences, we know now, more than ever, that we are ready and excited to start a forver family with a beautiful new baby. We love to spend time with the kiddos. We have gotten annual passes to the Phoenix Zoo, the Children's Museum and the local water park. We try to stay very active with them and make every attempt to expand their worlds as much as we can. We love taking them to jump parks, spending quiet time with them and reading them books. They have formed close relationships with our friends and often call them ''auntie'' and ''uncle''. They always look forward to seeing grandma (my mother). Our friends and family have become their family as well. We love and cherish them and as we would any child that we adopted. While we are not perfect, we always strive to parent with kindness, love and protection.

The People we Love

I am an only child (Nicole), but have many aunts and uncles and cousins that I grew up with. My mother and I are close, we talk and see each other at least once a week. It is handy living only a few miles away. While I would love to be closer with distant family members and get to visit with them more, many of them are spread out across the states. So reunions can be a little hard to plan but we do make the effort. My family is my everything (Jacque). I find that no matter where I go, most of my time spent pondering the mysteries of the universe always comes back to how that relates to those I love and where that might take us. I consider myself exceptionally blessed to have had the opportunity to share my life with my Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins. My own parents gave me so much and continue to do so till this day. It is something I sincerely hope to share with a child of my own someday.

Our Life Together

We met at work shortly after graduating from college. I was working in the marketing department, Jacques was working in the editorial department at a non-profit college. The holidays were approaching and I was going to have some co-workers over for a little Christmas gathering at my apartment, and a co-worker of mine suggested that I invite Jacques over for the party. He was the first to arrive and the last to leave. After that party, a week or so went by, and we went out for our first official date, and we have not been separated since then. We both have so much in common; we love taking long walks along the beach in San Diego, we love long bike rides and taking hikes together. We love going into the high country to get away for weekends. We can both get lost together in art museums and the aquarium. We also enjoy quiet time together. We are the best of friends. Whether it be laying around on the couch, watching a movie together, or working on the back yard, we enjoy spending time together and look forward to sharing that time with a child.