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Nathan and Michelle

Status: Currently Matched

About Nathan

  • Nathan
  • 42
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Computer Security Engineer
  • swimming, video games, carpentry, serving at church
  • tell stupid jokes, play with my son, take my wife on dates, build things, play board games, read audio books, grill
  • computers, learning about people, building pinball machines, history
  • outgoing, loving, patient
Michelle describes Nate like this: ''I was struck by his loving relationship with God and his fun, enthusiastic demeanor. 17 years later, these things are still evident, and he cares for our family in such a tender and sacrificial way. He loves me, respects me, makes me smile and laugh, and I love our life together. He's my best friend and I love him more each day. ''Nate is smart, humble, light-hearted, and funny; telling some pretty impressive 'dad jokes'. Cheesy as they may be, I really do love them. He is steady and calm in the midst of difficulty and I find great comfort in knowing that he is trusting God whether life is easy or hard. I love watching him be a dad and I know he loves the gift of being a father. He's one of the dads our friends' kids all flock to because he's always doing something fun like having a water balloon fight, doing canon ball contests in the pool, or playing games.''

About Michelle

  • Michelle
  • 40
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Homemaker
  • cooking, knitting, singing
  • spending time with family, spending time with friends, hiking, going to beach, swimming, reading, singing
  • music, board games, organization
  • friendly, compassionate, service
Nate says this about Michelle: ''Michelle is a tender-hearted, funny, spunky, detail-oriented woman who drives me crazy in all the right ways! I appreciate that she loves God first and me second, and that she strives to please Him in everything that she does. ''Michelle is weak in areas where I am strong, and strong in areas where I am weak, making her a wonderful match for me (and me for her)! I'm so attracted to and thankful for her love of children and desire to nurture them; her natural tendency to serve others in the background, without credit and with a great attitude; her desire and willingness to change for the better; and her great patience with me and the various ways that I tend to irritate her - she's a saint! ''(She's also really pretty and I adore her, so that's super nice, too!)''

Dear Birthmother

We are both Christians and we will raise our children in our faith. Our faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation on which we live our lives, and we hope to be positive role models for our children by teaching them to be kind and to respect others. We want our relationship with our children to be strong and open, and we want them to feel comfortable coming to us with any questions, problems, concerns, or worries that they may have. We will always be there for them, no matter what, and will always give them our unconditional love and support.

Reason to Adopt

Since we were kids, we have both wanted to have a large family (about 5 kids), and we've both always wanted to ''make'' one or two of those kids and to adopt the rest, so once we were married we got to work trying to make some babies! Because of some fertility problems that we found out we had, it took a long time, a lot of effort, and a lot of prayers before we finally got pregnant with our biological son, Parker. Since his birth in 2015, we've tried to get pregnant again without success, so now we are free to pursue our dream of adoption. We believe that adoption is a beautiful gift from God to the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents.

Things We Like

Church: We are very active in our local church - it's where we get to hang out and enjoy life with other people who love Jesus and want to be like him. We lead a ''Care Group'' at our church, Michelle sings on the church's Worship Team, Nate does technical stuff for the church, and both of us serve on leadership teams. Parker loves going to church to sing songs, learn Bible stories, and play with his many friends there. Friends: Many of our friends are like family to us and we spend lots of time with them. Sometimes it's doing specific things, like a game night or camping trip; and sometimes it's nothing specific, like just going over to their house (or having them stop by ours) just to hang out. A fun example of this was two years ago, when a blizzard was due to hit the area, another family came to our house specifically so that they would get ''snowed in'' with us - we spent 3+ days making snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, watching movies, and playing games - it was a wonderful time! Beach & Camping: We really enjoy going to the beach! Each week during the summer Michelle takes Parker to meet some other moms and kids at Virginia Beach to hang out for the day, and in September our whole family usually rents a beach cottage for a week. We've also recently gotten into camping, which is a fun way to enjoy nature and time with each other. Road Trips & Local Attractions: We take several road trips together each year, sometimes to places we know (like to visit Michelle's family out West), and sometimes to explore new places (for example, we recently drove out to western VA for a random apple festival that we heard about - it was fun!). Closer to home, we like to go to museums and other attractions around the area; for example, Parker really likes going to the Children's Museum, the Zoo, and the Aquarium. Games: Board games! We often have game nights as a family and with our friends. Nate is a huge pizza fan, so late-night pizza is often ordered as the games progress. Swimming & Cooking Out: We have a large swimming pool in our backyard (with a fence and lots of other safety precautions!), and we spend a lot of our time during the summer swimming in it or playing by it. Nate will often grill some burgers or chicken for dinner, and we love to have family and friends over for pool parties and cook outs. Projects: We always have several home projects going on, and we like to help each other with them. Nate likes to build things in his workshop, and Michelle likes to paint them and organize things. We also love to help others with their projects, too.

Holidays and Traditions

Most holidays are big family events for us, and we love celebrating them together. We have some fun traditions associated with different holidays. A few examples: • Halloween: we set up tables in our front yard and give out s'mores and hot apple cider to all the trick-or-treaters and their families - this makes our house the hang out spot in the neighborhood that night. • Christmas Eve: our whole family gets together for early dinner, we attend our church's candlelight service together, and then open one gift each before bed (usually its super-ugly pajamas that Michelle got for everyone). • Christmas Day: we make Eggs Benedict and homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then head to Nates parents house for dinner, reading the Christmas Story from the Bible, and gift-giving. • Independence Day (July 4): we make root beer floats for BREAKFAST!


Family is tremendously important to us, and we make efforts to remain involved with our extended families (parents, siblings, cousins, etc.). Nate has one sister who lives very close by with her husband and two young kids, and his parents live nearby, as well - we usually see them at least once per week, and Parker sometimes has awesome sleepovers with his local grandparents that he really looks forward to. Michelle's parents live in the Mid-West near one of her two sisters (and her husband and kids); another sister lives in the South (with husband and kid); and her brother lives nearby. We usually take an annual road trip out to see everyone and always have a great time!