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Mison and John

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Mison

  • Mison
  • 50
  • AS
  • College
  • Manager
  • reading, crafting
  • reading, crafting, housekeeping, walking, hiking, moving watching
  • Crafts, Movies, Books, Charity Work
  • stinking-hilarious, bubbly, reliable
I am very easy-going person. I am honest, respectful and appreciative of all that I am and have in life. I love to spend time with family and friends. If my family and friends need me, I will drop everything and go. I love to laugh and make others laugh. My jokes are very corny. I love the holidays. I love to watch scary movies and read a good mystery book. I like to celebrate people's birthdays or any kind of special occasion. I believe in 'doing little good deeds' goes a long way in making people happy.

About John

  • John
  • 47
  • CC
  • College
  • Software Developer
  • woodcrafting, computers, reading
  • woodcrafting, computers, reading, camping, hiking
  • Woodworking, Computers, Outdoors
  • funny, quiet, loving
I am a quiet and reserved person. I like to think about things before I take any actions. I love anything Asian, hence, my wife. I like to try new things all the time. I have the knack to see something on Youtube or if someone teaches me and get it right away and apply it. I have had some tragedies in my life, but I try not to let that get me down. I am constantly trying to improve myself for either personal or career goals. I like to laugh and joke around but sometimes nobody gets my humor

Dear Birthmother

This must be the hardest thing to do, to give the gift of life to strangers. To hope and pray that they love and cherish them like you would. Words cannot say how much appreciation and courage it took to do these next steps. The only way to repay the debt of gratitude to you is to raise your child to best of our abilities; to give them so much love that it feels that you are there with us along the way. We promise you that they will not want for anything in life; they will be raised to be kind, thoughtful, appreciative and happy. But most importantly, we will make sure to tell them often, how much you love them and the sacrifice it took to give them into our care. And briefly, a little about us. We have been married for 20 years. We have 4 fur-baby cats (all rescued), whom we love and are spoiled rotten. We have wanted children for a very long time, but it was not meant to be, so we chose the adoption route. We own our own home and have plenty of room, and live in a very nice, safe neighborhood with lots of other children they can play with. We both have good jobs and great extended family support (they are so excited too). We both love to cook (and eat), watch movies, go hiking or just relaxing around the house. We each have different hobbies, so it will never be boring. We will have a lot of family activities.

Reason to Adopt

My husband and I have always wanted children of our own. We waited a bit after we got married to get both of our careers going and save up some money and strengthen ourselves as a couple. Once we decided to start, we were having issues getting pregnant. Then we did the IUI and IVF routes. We tried a few IVF attempts with no luck. Then we took a break from the emotional and physical setbacks. Finally, we thought, our dream of having children did not waver and we were thinking of adopting even if we had biological children. We have thought about this for a long time and we are ready financially, physically, and emotionally.

Our Fur-Babies

We have adopted 4 feline fur-babies from shelters and vet hospitals. Kenji is the first one we adopted, and he is very laid back, loves to snuggle and sit on your lap. Grace was traumatized in a kill shelter and was being starved before we rescued her. She is very skittish and doesn't trust anybody. She is also the most vocal out of the 4. She loves when we give her a lot of attention and if we don't she reminds us very loudly. Emma is the princess. She rules us all. We just live in her kingdom. Ren was hit by a car when he was a kitten. He had severe head trauma and broken left arm. The first person he saw when he opened his eyes was my husband and it was love at first sight. He is very attached to him and inseparable. He is handicapped in that he cannot use his left arm, but it doesn't hinder him in any way. There are times where playtime gets to be too much, but he doesn't let it stop him in doing anything. They are indoor kitties. They are well groomed, very clean, spoiled and happy.

Extended Family

On my side of the family there is my parents, 2 sisters and their husbands. My parents, sister and brother-in-law live about an hour away from us. The other sister and brother-in-law live in the Massachusetts. We are very close-knit family. My parents and my sister that lives close by, we see each other often. We see my other sister and brother-in-law around the holidays and birthdays. We talk and text often to keep each other up to date in our lives. My husband has his mother that lives about 5 miles down the road. We lost my father-in-law just this past May. We miss him terribly. His mother and us are very close. Now that she is alone, we try to do weekly dinners and talk often on the phone. My husband used to have 2 brothers, both died early in life due to accidents. All of us, my family and his mother, try to get together often around birthdays and holidays. My husband does not talk too often to his biological father due to his living in another state. They do try to catch up on holidays and birthdays.


We love the holidays. As soon as September comes around, I am decorating the house for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Every nook and cranny in our house on all 3 levels is decorated. As one house guest told me 'it looked like a Holiday store threw up all over'. I like to see, hear and touch the holidays. You can find me singing Christmas songs in early October. We think its magical. Of course, with the holidays come lots and lots of food. I usually cook like I am waiting for the entire football team is coming to dinner. If our guests are not leaving with left-overs, I did not cook enough. And then there is Christmas. I wish I can have a Christmas tree in every room. We have a nice big one in our sunroom. I love to light it up and look at the ornaments. Some of them have a unique story. We love to do lots of presents on Christmas. We don't buy expensive gifts, what we try to do is give thoughtful gifts. Then when everybody comes over, we eat, laugh and exchange gifts and end up watching a movie and wait till next year again.