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Mary Beth and Matthew

Status: Currently Matched

About Mary Beth

  • Mary Beth
  • 41
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Senior Brand Manager
  • Traveling, Cooking, Music/Piano, Playing with son
  • Visiting beach, Hiking, Swimming and Pilates
  • Watching son's sport teams, Gardening and Entertaining Friends and Family
  • Loving, Fun, Caring
Mary Beth grew up in Chicago with two sisters. She met Matt over 19 years ago in college and has been married for 12 years. We share the same career passion and our marriage is built on love, family and faith. Mary Beth is very easy to admire and love. Her compassion for family and friends is contagious. She is always there for the people in her life by offering her ears, heart, and gentle guidance. She is a loving, caring mother who would do anything for our family. Mary Beth is our son's biggest cheerleader during baseball games and creates memorable moments for every milestone.

About Matthew

  • Matthew
  • 42
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • VP Media Director
  • guitar, music, playing with son
  • coaching son's sport team, hiking, visiting beach
  • baseball, soccer, concerts
  • Loving, Patient, Passionate
Matt grew up in Louisville, KY with a sister. His family lives nearby us and we frequently get together for impromptu dinners or for a weekend bike ride. Matt met Mary Beth during college while studying abroad in Rome, Italy. Our marriage has been built on a strong friendship and unconditional love. Matt is the most patient, passionate, loyal and loving person. He is the rock of our family. Matt has a strong sense of humor and is always willing to put others' needs before his own. Matt is a generous, compassionate, fun-loving father who moves mountains to ensure his child has everything they need, along with plenty of things they simply want. He is always doing goofy things to make our son laugh, as well as provide guidance to help make sure he succeeds in life. They are truly best friends. Matt has a heart of gold and being an active, caring father.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our life as you explore adoption. We know this is an extremely hard decision and we commend you for considering such a selfless act. Wherever your journey leads, we hope you find comfort in knowing that your sacrifice means more than words could ever convey to a couple wanting to build their family through adoption. It is our hope that if we are given the privilege of adopting your baby, you will find comfort in knowing your child will be loved by two caring people. We want to be able to provide your child with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in life surrounded by a strong support system. We've been blessed in our lives and will strive to provide the same opportunities for your child. We'll raise your child with kindness, empathy, compassion and unconditional love. In the end, we sincerely hope you find the perfect loving family for your child.

Reason to Adopt

We've been blessed with a very fortunate life; yet have also become strong life partners through our challenges. Shortly after our one-year wedding anniversary, we decided to start building our family. After multiple rounds of fertility treatment, we discovered Mary Beth was not able to conceive a child. Even though this news was hard, our heart quickly decided to adopt was the path to build our family. In 2014, we were blessed to start building our family through adoption with our son, Ryan. We are excited to expand our family through adoption again.


In 2014, our dreams of becoming parents cames true. Our son, Ryan was born shortly after the Christmas season. We were blessed to meet his birth mother on the day he was born. Ryan is a happy, funny, active, curious 5-year old boy who understands he is adopted. He loves to make others laugh, playing any sport, imagine he is a different character every second of the day, cooking dessert and attend any family outings. It has been our pleasure to watch him discover the world and grow into a free-loving, passionate boy. Ryan has been asking for a sibling since he was 3 years old. He would be a loving, caring big brother who would teach his sibling everything.

Our Home

We have lived in Louisville, KY for the past 13 years. The minute we walked through the front door, we felt our house was a perfect place to build our family. Shortly after we moved in, we adopted our dog Zimmy. There is plenty of space to fill our house with children's laughter, as we have a four-bedroom home with a finished basement filled with Ryan's toys. Mary Beth's family visits often from Chicago and there is plenty of space to host everyone. We are located on a quiet street in a great neighborhood within the city. We have two parks within walking distance along with a big backyard and live close to Ryan's school. Our house has been filled with Ryan & Zimmy's energy and imaginary play - we'd have it no other way.

Building Memories - Holidays

Matt & Mary Beth believe in building holiday memories through family traditions. Over the years we have embraced each family's traditions and started our own as well. While Christmas Day is always celebrated at one of our parent's homes with a traditional meal, each family has a unique and quirky Christmas Eve tradition. Matt's extended family enjoys White Castle hamburgers, while Mary Beth's immediate family goes to the same Italian restaurant on Christmas Eve. We host Thanksgiving every other year. Some new traditions have been trick or treat along with a pizza party with our neighbors, Santa bringing Ryan a birthday ornament, coloring eggs the night before Easter with grandparents, and much more to come. It has been so much fun to build new traditions with Ryan.