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Mario and Joseph

Status: Currently Matched

About Mario

  • Mario
  • 31
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Public Information Officer
  • Cooking, Riding Horses, Gardening, and Working Out
  • Swimming, Riding Bikes, Outdoors, Reading
  • Education, Health Care, Science, History
  • Spontaneous, Funny, Giving

About Joseph

  • Joseph
  • 40
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Family Medicine Physician
  • I love to spend time with family, play sports, ride horses.
  • Going to the lake, ride horses, go to the gym
  • I love outdoor activities, taking care of animals, and working on personal growth.
  • Caring, compassionate, fun.
I am a fun loving, caring person that works in Graduate Medical Education at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN. I care for people in all facets when they are sick and help train future doctors in Family Medicine. I was born and raised in rural Mississippi and love spending time with family. I thoroughly enjoy getting together on the weekends and making memories by going to the lake, riding horses, cooking on the grill, and camping out. I live with my wonderful husband and two wonderful dogs, Teddy and Francis. They were rescued and adopted about 2 years ago. I love my job and my life and hope to provide the same wonderful life to a child one day.

Dear Birthmother

Dear birthmother, it is with two grateful hearts and the utmost admiration for allowing our family to have the opportunity to be considered as possible candidates/adoptive parents to your child(ren). Raising a child(ren) has been a constant hope in our relationship and is deeply supported by our family. Being parents would complete our family's journey in growing our home, enriching our lives, and rooting our family. We want you to know, your child(ren) will be surrounded by unconditional love, endless support, mindful guidance, while enjoying unforgettable memories. This child(ren) will be shaped and molded with Christian values, while learning family traditions and cultures from our American/European backgrounds. Again, we are extremely grateful and admire your courage, strength, and selflessness in allowing our family the opportunity to be part of your child's(ren) life and future.

Reason to Adopt

On our first date, 5-years ago, the idea of marriage, having a child(ren) took center stage the entire evening. Our hope of having a child(ren) was a top quality we shared in search of a lifelong partner. As of today, our hope remains true, having a child(ren) will complete our family and will allow us to create traditions and memories in our home with unconditional love and kindness. Since, we are unable to have our own children 'naturally', we want the process of growing our family to be as intimate as possible and comforting through the entire adoption process.

About Us:

Hobbies and Interest:

Our families love traveling together as one big family. We thoroughly enjoy the sunny beaches of Mexico, while learning the ways of the indigenous people (Aztecs, Mayans, etc.) and the history of the area. Most of our weekends include large family events that include tons of home cooked meals, riding horses on the farm, working in the gardens, hiking the hills and fishing in the pond; and we love swimming. We also enjoy cuddling up on the couch with large blankets and watching movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Avengers. We most recently took our first ever trip to Disney Land and are already planning our next adventure to Disney World.

Our Commitment and Promise to You:

Our commitment to you will never be broken, our promise to you will be to: love, accept and care for your child(ren) unconditionally and forever. Your child(ren) will always be safe, provided for in every facet. He and/or she will be provided the resources to reach for the stars and dream as big as their imagination. We promise your child(ren) will be loved and welcomed by all family and friends, and will be accepted with honor and respect forever. Your selfless act, image and grace will always be honored, regarded and respected by us and our family - because of you, a bigger family was created. In closing, your strength, courage and heart are truly inspiring. Thank you so much for considering our family, and taking the time to review our story and journey in growing a family.