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Lendl and Denise

Status: Currently Matched

About Lendl

  • Lendl
  • 32
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Product Manager
  • Cooking breakfast, Reading, Board games
  • Playing with the kids, Time with family & friends, Getting outdoors
  • Hiking, Camping, Mountain biking, Leadership books
  • Gentle, Serving, Joyful

About Denise

  • Denise
  • 34
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Homemaker
  • Gardening, Reading, Crafting, Sewing
  • Spending time with Lendl & the kids, Playing violin, Soccer outdoors
  • Cooking, Landscaping, Decorating, Teaching, Thrifting
  • Spunky, Friendly, Organized
I worked as a Nurse for three years before staying home full-time when we adopted our children. I love to implement my passions by helping our kids dig around in the garden, bake together, kick a ball around, and take trips to the library. I always look forward to date night with Lendl and the delicious breakfasts he cooks on the weekends. My relationship with God is my highest priority-- seeking Him through reading the Bible and prayer. We hope our children will learn to follow Jesus too.

Dear Birthmother

We can't begin to imagine how overwhelming the decision to parent or make an adoption plan must be for you. Whatever your decision, we're confident your baby will know how much you love them through the sacrifices you've made to give them life and prepare for their future. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we hope you'll consider us as a couple who will love, pray for, and guide your child throughout their life. We want you to know that we're praying for you as you make this challenging decision and for your precious child's health and safety. This life will be filled with joy, tears, adventure, and hardship - but we're confident in God's faithfulness. He will bring all of us through as we trust in Him.

Our Kids

Peggy Jean (age 5) loves reading books, singing, writing letters, and playing on our swing set. She is affectionate, shy, and peppy. She is looking forward to helping care for another sibling and has been drawing picture books for a new baby. Christian (age 4) is passionate about fire trucks, helping cook, creating construction projects in the sandbox, and being with people. He is social, active, and adventurous and has shown an early interest in soccer.

Family Adventures

We enjoy being plugged into our church and neighborhood communities. We are involved in teaching Sunday school classes, attending and hosting small groups, and spending time with other families with kids (especially if it involves meeting at a park). Board games, hot dog roasts in the backyard, swimming at the river, taking walks, and camping are some of our favorite activities. We're thankful to live close to both of our families and getting together with them weekly. We're grateful that our parents love to babysit our kids when we get out on date nights.