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Lauren and David

Status: Currently Matched

About Lauren

  • Lauren
  • 42
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Self Employed
  • running; biking; outdoor adventures; cooking; hosting family gatherings
  • any outdoor adventure; cooking; running; family gatherings; movies; finding fun places to eat brunch
  • sports, kids, dogs, language, music, mountains, traveling, anything with family
  • motivated, unselfish, loving
I grew up in a tight-knit family and remain very close to my parents and sister. I have always loved children - from babysitting at a young age to leading a mountain biking trip for youth to helping first-generation college-bound kids and now being a mom to our son and running a business that provides opportunities for youth. I find it incredibly rejuvenating to be active and to help others. If there is an outdoor adventure, sign me up! I have a deep love for God. I will do anything for family. I have a job that allows me to be a full-time mom and business owner.

About David

  • David
  • 37
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Strength trainer
  • reading, working out, drawing
  • Hiking with family, getting outdoors for a bike ride, playing outside with family
  • Cooking, reading
  • Determined, steadfast, light-hearted
Being raised by two wonderful parents has given me a strong sense of family. I grew up playing sports and being active, which led me to play at the college level and eventually become a coach. The passion for being active and coaching is something I share with my wife whom I met and married in college. We had talked about the importance of family and always cherished the idea of having our own. Welcoming our son into our lives was one of our happiest moments. Currently we still cherish the idea of him having a sibling or siblings some day.

Dear Birthmother

You are making a brave and unselfish decision. We are two individuals who love life, activity, and learning. Strength of character - integrity, honesty, and love - is the center of who we are as individuals. We take a positive approach to everything in our lives and love everyone unconditionally. We love the outdoors, our time at home with family, and sharing moments of love and laughter with one another and our son. We adopted our only son, who is now 6 years old, at birth. We love exploring with him, introducing things to him, laughing with him, cuddling with him, learning with him, and bringing out the best in him. By setting an example of joy, love, goodness, aspiration, and integrity, we know that our children will have a strong spiritual and moral foundation for a happy, full, and unselfish life. Every day provides wonderful opportunities. Amazing things happen with a foundation of love, and we would unconditionally give that sense of comfort, encouragement, and guidance to this child. We have been ready for another child for many years and look forward to welcoming him/her into our lives.

Reason to Adopt

We have always wanted children. For many years, we tried to have children but have not been able to do so on our own. We have cherished the idea of adoption for quite some time and feel it is an incredible way to build a family. Six years ago, we adopted our only son, and we would love to adopt another child and welcome him/her into our family.

Home and Family

Home is very important to us. The shelter, security, laughter, affection, and outreach are an important part of our home. We take this with us wherever we go, though. Our town is known as a great place to raise children, and we agree! We live in a great neighborhood with many children. Our golden retriever loves our fenced-in backyard. There are many families in the neighborhood, and we have a park just down the street where there are neighborhood July 4 parades, Easter egg hunts, and summer gatherings. We enjoy spending quality time with family and friends who share our love of family and good humor. Once a month, we host family meals where any number of relatives show up to get some quality time together. Lauren enjoys entertaining and always seems to try out new dishes on our guests. David has perfected the grilling. We really appreciate our friendships - with individuals, other couples, families - and look forward to this child being in their lives as well. Family is extremely important to us, and we are in close contact with our parents and siblings. As we raise this child, it will be wonderful to have so many relatives close at hand who are just as ready as we are to share their love with our child. We have family from both sides who live between 5-20 minutes from our house. We frequently get together with our families for lunches and dinners. Lauren and her sister, two years apart, have always been close, and even though they do not live in the same state as one another, they talk on the phone each week and visit each other as often as possible. One of David's sisters lives in town, and we see her multiple times each week. David's other sister lives out of town, and we see her as often as possible. Our family members are those who helped shape our lives. We love holidays, as we get to see parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in bunches! The more, the merrier!


We believe that every child is beautiful and has so much good to share. We adore every moment with our son. We look forward to bringing out the best in our children so that they can bring out the best in others. Our son is so ready for a sibling, too! This child is already with us in our hearts, and we look forward to welcoming him/her into our home and loving this child every step of the way. We will look for cues of our children's interests and provide opportunities to pursue these interests. We will always be there to help guide our children; encourage them to overcome limits; laugh with them; give hugs and hold hands; and allow for precious lessons to be learned. We have amazing schedules that allow for us to be engaged and present as parents. We have so much to give this child and also know that we will be learning with him/her.


We love being active and staying active. Most of our vacations have involved much outdoor activity - hiking in the Sierras, mountain biking in Colorado, and even a bit of surfing in Hawaii for our honeymoon. At home, we both stay involved with sports. David loves CrossFit and Lauren loves to run and bike. We both competed in sports during our four years in college. We love exploring as a family and going to do fun things around town together - from swimming in the summers to picnics in the fall to the children's museum in the winter and parks in the spring. These things keep us on the move, but at the same time we cherish quiet time at home as a family.