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Laura and Jesse

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Laura

  • Laura
  • 31
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Nursing Professor
  • Gardening, meal prepping and learning to play the guitar.
  • I love riding horses, swimming, biking and pretty much any other outdoor activity.
  • Spending time with my family on the farm and ranch and growing my family through adoption.
  • Passionate, Kind and Adventurous
My name is Laura and I have lived in Idaho all my life. I have a master's degree in nursing and currently work as a nursing professor part time from home and part time away. I am happily married to Jesse of 11 years and together we have a beautiful daughter named Allie. I would describe myself as honest, hard-working and goal driven. I enjoy road biking, swimming, gardening, and taking Razor rides with Jesse and Allie. It is my goal in life to raise a God loving family and to share His love with others.

About Jesse

  • Jesse
  • 42
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Self Employed Rancher and Farmer
  • Home improvement projects, roping and welding
  • I enjoy everything outdoors. Some of my favorites include razor riding, horse back riding and swimming with my wife and daughter.
  • Family time, raising kids up on my family's farm and ranch and sharing my agriculture knowledge with others.
  • Dedicated, honest and hard-working
Hello my name is Jesse and I have grown up in Idaho on a 5th generation farm and ranch. I have blue eyes, dark brown hair and medium skin tone. I married the love of my life Laura 11 years ago and together we have a 5 year old daughter named Allie. I have a big heart for my family and enjoy being outdoors year around. In addition to managing a farm and ranch I am also a volunteer fire fighter. It is also my passion to raise up my children in a loving Christian home and teach my children how to have a strong work ethic and support them in their future careers.

Dear Birthmother

We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes to select an adoption plan for you and your baby. You are making one of the largest selfless acts a human can possibly make! In April of 2015, Laura was diagnosed with pre-uterine cancer and underwent an immediate hysterectomy. We were grateful that she was diagnosed and treated quickly but knew in our hearts that we were not done growing our family. At this time God laid on ours hearts and mind to build our family through adoption. After many conversations with each other we both believed adoption was the best decision. We realize that this is a difficult decision for you and thank you for having an open mind towards adoption. It takes an incredible amount of courage and love to want what is best for your child and we feel so privileged to be considered. We all have so much love to give and hope that you will allow us the opportunity to share that love with your child. Even thought we do not know you yet or maybe even ever, we pray as a family each night that God will give you the strength you need to make the decision best for you and your baby and would be honored to be considered as a family for your child.

Reason to Adopt

Shortly after having our daughter Laura began to have some complications and was diagnosed in 2015 with precacerous uterine cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy almost immediately after her diagnosis. We are both very blessed she was diagnosed quickly and the treatment was successful. With that being said, we knew in our hearts we were not ready to be done with children. We had always dreamed of having at least two kids to run around and chase. After many converstations we both felt that an adoption plan would be perfect for our family. We are firm believers that God has lead us down this path together and we are fully trusting in Him that our family will some day be made complete with adoption.

A Little about our home life

We absolutely love our life living on a farm and ranch. Together we raise Black Angus cattle, alfalfa, sugar beets, barely and corn. As a family we have many adventures on the back of a horse and inside the tractor. During the busy famring season our little family makes some special memories riding in the tractor bailing hay with Jesse. Yes, we even have a picnic inside the tractor and bring special treats to daddy from Allie. We are truly blessed to share the agriculture life with our daughter Allie and she loves to help doctor baby calves and bottle-feed them too. In the winter when the field fill with snow we love to get our razor out and take the family sledding. The dogs AKA "fur babies" also love to chase Allie in the sled.

Family Adventures


We would like to share a few details about Allie so that you may have a complete picture of our family. Allie is 5 years old and attends Kindergarten. She is an outdoor loving kiddo and has no problem playing in the dirt. Some of Allie's favorites include: the color purple, toy animals, grilled chicken & french fries, swimming in the pool and wonder woman. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up her immediate answer is a "kids dentist". We have a very open relationship with our daughter and have shared why her mommy cannot have more babies. As a family we have read books together about an adoption plan and how this would bring a sibling to Allie's life. Allie could not be more excited to become a big sister. She prays every night that Jesus will bring her a baby brother or baby sister. She has even begun to implement a plan on how she can save all of her toys to share with her future sibling. Allie has an extremly big heart full of love and we know without a doubt she would make an incredible sister