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Kristy and Trevor

Status: Currently Matched

About Kristy

  • Kristy
  • 35
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Stay at home Mom
  • Snow skiing, volleyball, reading, video games and traveling!
  • I like to travel and see the world. I like trying new foods, meeting new people and playing games of all kinds.
  • I'm a sports lover, a board game fanatic, a video gamer, an avid TV/movie watcher, and I know way too much about pop culture.
  • Fun, Friendly, Thoughtful
I'm an outgoing people person who loves to have fun. I grew up with a large family of 7 kids and my childhood was chaotic and wonderful! I'm always up for a new adventure.This summer I ran in a 200 mile relay, kayaked in the ocean, and held a sloth. In my spare time you'll find me at book club, playing volleyball with our church group, out to dinner at a new restaurant, or playing make believe with my son. I am a TV/Movie buff and my son is starting to quote movie lines. The other day he said, ''Come with me if you want to live!'' I couldn't be more proud! I love to spend time with my family. We love showing the world to our son. His child-like wonder makes everything more fun. We look forward to the day when he's less rambunctious on airplanes!

About Trevor

  • Trevor
  • 35
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Software Engineer
  • Home projects, playing computer games, playing board games
  • Camping, hiking, traveling, computer games and ultimate frisbee
  • Computers, traveling, the outdoors, movies
  • Charismatic, Smart, Dependable
I'm an introvert who loves people. I'm the kind of guy who loves a quiet night staying in. I love TV and movies and spending time with my family. I've recently become quite the handyman around the house. My wife says that as my handyman skills increase so does the number of tools I own. She's definitely not wrong. I like fixing problems and being the most prepared person in the room. At a corn maze and your flashlight is out of batteries? I will always have extra. I like to play computer games with my brothers, I like to explore our surroundings and I like saying yes to my wife's crazy adventures. I love spending time with my son. We recently took a Bro-trip and we loved it. My son would randomly start chanting, ''Bro trip, bro trip...'' while we were driving and I've never been so happy.

Dear Birthmother

Hi! We are a fun-loving family who loves to travel and have adventures. We admire you for looking to adoption as we consider it to be the most selfless gift a parent can give to their child. We invite you to read our profile and watch our video. The video is helpful because it does a much better job of showing exactly who are are: the good, the bad and the ugly! We pray that you will feel confident in the family that you choose. We adopted our son four years ago and he stole our hearts the moment he was in our arms. We feel incredibly grateful that we get to be his parents. That four year old now asks us daily when we're going to get him a brother or sister. We hope through adoption that both his and our wish will be granted. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Reason to Adopt

We both came from larger families and always thought we'd have a large family of our own. After two years of non getting pregnant, we started infertility testing. We ended up doing two rounds of IVF that were wildly unsuccessful. We then looked into adoption and was certified in 2014. In 2015 we adopted our son and he was the best decision we've ever made. We know that adoption can be the answer to so many prayers.