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Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Kristin

  • Kristin
  • 38
  • CC/HI
  • None
  • College
  • Associate Producer in the Film Industry
  • I am kind of a HGTV Fan- I LOVE attempting any sort of home renovation. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes it doesn't work out quite as well!! I also enjoy a good book- not going to lie, teen books are super enjoyable.
  • I love being outside - whether its hiking the local mountains to explore waterfalls and beautiful views, or running in the neighborhood to train for local races. I also enjoy hanging out with friends- whether its dinner and a movie or a game night. Just hanging out with my favorite people makes me happy. And did I mention Disneyland?? My sister and I are annual passholders- the Holiday season at Disneyland is one of the best!
  • Travel. Travel is something I am passionate about. Learning about different cultures and trying to fully immerse myself in their world. I try and go someplace at least once a year- if not more. Last year my sister and I took an amazing trip to Iceland. It combined some of my favorite things- sister time, outdoors, and experiencing a new culture/world.
  • honest, driven, dependable
I am a single mother by choice that lives in Los Angeles, CA. I come from a family that is mixed race- my mom caucasian and dad is hispanic. I am the middle child of 3 - an older brother and younger sister who lives next door to me and is one of my best friends. Growing up I was involved in both sports and the theatre. I knew from a young age that I would be a part of the film industry. This led me to get my degree in Drama from The University of Washington in 2004. After graduation I moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, only soon to realize that I loved being behind the camera instead. I now am an Associate Producer for major television shows on HBO and Netflix. My friends and family are very important to me. They are super supportive of my decision to become a single mother by choice and are excited to welcome a new member to the family.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for being a brave and strong woman. I am honored that you are considering me as a potential candidate to be the mother to your baby. I am ready to share my sense of adventure, creativity, determination and love with a child in my life. I promise that we will laugh daily, give lots of hugs and kisses, go on adventures - both big and small, and sing! I will teach your child about respect, encourage them to be an individual and find out who they really are. I will also give your child the best education I possibly can give. They will know where they came from and how loved they truly are. We are both on a crazy journey, and I hope that we both find what we are looking for. I know that whatever choice is made, it will be the right one. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me. I hope that I get to have chance to get to learn more about you.

Reason to Adopt

3 years ago I had some life changes things happen to me that made me realize that I need to live life to the fullest and not wait for ''Mr. Right.'' At that point I decided to freeze my eggs to learn that I didn't have any - or pretty much none. We don't know why - but it is something I have had to learn to be ok with. I have always wanted to have kids - something that I knew would happen. So adoption just seemed like the next step in starting my family. I am excited to share my life with a child and can't wait to meet that special mom who will give me that chance.

Sister Sister

My sister is my best friend and lives next door to me. She will play such an important role in my child's life. She is excited to teach and share with them all about fashion, comic con, cosplay and taking them to Disneyland to ride her favorite rides with them. These are just a few of the MANY things Auntie E is going to get to share with them. I am lucky she is my life and can't wait to share such a beautiful, unique, and amazing soul with my child. FUN FACTS about my sister: - She designs costumes for TV/Film - She is a HUGE nerd! Star Wars is her favorite. And I love her for it ☺ - She lives next door to me - we see each other everyday! - Halloween is her favorite Holiday and she goes all out for it. Costume, decorations, music - all out.

Home and Work - The Balancing Act

Since I am a single mom by choice - work and being a mom has always been on my mind. When working, my child will either have a nanny or go to daycare. My mom has even offered to come and help for the first year! I always have weekends/Holidays off and at Christmas we get 2-3 weeks off. When I am between shows, I also have time off- sometimes up to a month! It will be a bit of a juggling act but I am ready for the Challenge! It helps that my boss is very understanding and has told me to go for my dreams of being a mom. I am so lucky to be surrounded by supportive co workers that also have families and have tips of how to do it all.

It Takes a Village

I have an amazing Village that will be a part of my child's life. Starting with my parents - this will be their first grandchild. They are super excited to introduce them to country living (they live on 80 acres in Colorado - with horses/cows and chickens nearby). My parents are a huge part of my life - and even though they live in CO, we see the multiple times a year. My best friends that live around the corner are in the process of adopting 2 older girls. They also have a 1.5 year old boy - who I know we will have plenty of playdates with. We are their village and they are ours. I have helped them quite a few times with last minute babysitting or a weekend away so they can have ''parent'' time. The girls have already offered up their babysitting services. I was also a nanny to 3 amazing kids when I first moved to LA - these kids are not so little anymore. One goes to USC and wants to be cool Aunt Gwen and the other two are still in High school - but said they can't wait to meet my child and share some of the stuff I shared with them when they were younger. I also have so many other family and friends in and out of Los Angeles that want to be a part of this child's life. My friends kids will be their cousins. We will take trips together - and have playdates. I can't wait!! This child will have lots of support from men and women of all colors, ethnicities, sexualities, and backgrounds.