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Kristi and Jason

Status: Currently Matched

About Kristi

  • Kristi
  • 33
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Housewife
  • reading, cooking, crafting, shopping
  • volunteer with children's ministry at church, Bible study, working out, mentoring children
  • anything crafts/DIY and creative, playing with children, fashion/clothing
  • reserved, listener, fun
My sister and I were raised by loving parents, growing up rooted in faith and church. My parents divorced when I was 18, and I still have a close relationship with both. I was very involved in extracurriculars in high school and college. My husband and I met and married after college and have been together for six years. We do not have currently have children but are eager to grow our family. In February 2019, I left my job of seven years to start our family. I am planning to be a stay-at-home mother with our adoptive children.

About Jason

  • Jason
  • 41
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Commercial Banker
  • working out, scuba diving, eating, hanging out with friends, traveling
  • fundraising triathlons for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, volunteering at church, mentoring children
  • sports, food, traveling, friends
  • social, active, driven
My parents divorced when I was six, and my mom and I moved in with my grandparents. I had little interaction with my father throughout my childhood, but my grandfather became my strong, loving father figure. As a teenager, I was invited to church and turned to God to heal my past with my father. I am very close with my family, and my dad and I now have a good relationship. After college, I began working in banking. I met my wife six years ago. We are happily married and are excited to grow our family.

Dear Birthmother

We are Kristi and Jason, a fun, faith-filled, adventurous couple with a deep love for family and friends. We admire you for making the difficult decision of adoption for your child. Since God first laid adoptions on our heart, we have been praying for you. We are hopeful to potentially welcome you and your child into our family. We love to travel and to spend time with our family and friends. We enjoy watching and playing sports, and we consider ourselves food people. We love to gather around the table for quality time with people we love. We are very active in our church and have been mentoring three siblings every month for five years. We enjoy playing and being silly with them and helping them with schoolwork. We do not have any children yet and are eager to grow our family. We look forward to making memories with precious little ones, to family walks, to trips to the zoo, to homework at the kitchen table and all the in-between moments. If you choose us, we promise to love your little one with all our hearts, instilling values of love, kindness, respect and hard work and teaching them to be grounded in family, both birth and adopted. God has a special plan for your little one, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of than plan!

Reason to Adopt

We have always wanted to adopt. Kristi's mother and uncle are adopted, and Jason's cousin is adopted. We thought about adoption for our future, possibly after we had children of our own. In the past year, God has challenged us in our walk with Him, asking us to trust His plan in faith. We feel that He is urging us to adopt now instead of waiting for the future! We believe He has a special child picked out just for us, and we are eager to meet this little one!