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Kevin and Lena

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Kevin

  • Kevin
  • 38
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • General Manager
  • Running, Exercise, piano, reading, refinishing furniture
  • Church, spending time with family, baking, exercise
  • Family vacations, college football, kids
  • Active, Compassionate, Resilient
I am 34 years old. I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids aged 4-11years old and I also work per diem as a registered nurse at our local community hospital. I have 4 siblings who I am close to and my parents live in a nearby town just 30 mins away. We are fortunate to have my in-laws and parents live in our town as well as multiple cousins and we love getting together as family. I enjoy playing board games with my family and baking with my kids. Family is everything to me and my closest friends are my sister and my sister-in-laws. We enjoy getting together and letting the kids run around and play. Some of my hobbies include running, refinishing furniture, and closely following college football every fall. My husband and I also enjoy road trips with our kids and exploring new places around our state. I am so excited to be starting this adoption process and feel strongly that this is how we are to expand our family. We have such a great support network and I cannot wait to add another one to the mix!

About Lena

  • Lena
  • 35
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Registered Nurse
  • owning a small car wash, reading, playing with my kids
  • Raising calfs, camping, attending soccer games and swim meets
  • College Football, family road trips, travel
  • ambitious, thoughtful, spontaneous
I am 37 years old and work as a co general manager with my 3 brothers as the 3rd generation of our farm/dairy/bottling plant. Family is everything to my wife and myself along with our extended family which is what prompted the decision for my brothers and I to leave our respective careers (myself as a CPA, my brothers as a banker and Astrophysicist) and return to the family business together. I was raised in Othello, WA and returned to my home town 7 years ago. We have always wanted to adopt and we feel that although we are done having children, our family is still not complete. One of my favorite activities is bringing our children to work with me. Work ethic is a defining trait of our family and I hope to pass it on to all of our children. We love to watch football (especially the Seahawks, WSU Cougars, & Boise State Broncos) and attend any football, soccer, and hockey games we can. Myself, my wife, each of my children, and all of my brothers and sisters and their children are excited to bring a new child into our large and loving family. I love being a father and look forward to the blessings a new unique little personality will bring to our home.

Dear Birthmother

We could not and never will understand the difficulty of your decision. But in spite of that difficulty we hope to meet and get to know you. Lena and I have been married for 13 years and have always wanted to grow our family through adoption. Each succeeding pregnancy has become more and more difficult for Lena and after the 4th we felt that the time was right to complete our family through adoption. We love our children and they are amazing. But we still feel that there is a place in our hearts that an adoption could complete.

Reason to Adopt

I understand that we already have a four kids and that it may come across as a little crazy that we really want one more. I have thought through this again and again and I know that adoption is meant for us. Our family is meant to meet someone out there who is willing to give us this beautiful gift. Our kids are so excited for the adoption process and for our family to grow. We understand this process is incredibly difficult and not a decision that should be made lightly or quickly. We want to make this the best situation possible for you and baby and make an adoption plan that will work for everyone. We want to give this child all the opportunities they will need to be successful in life and know that our hearts are open and ready to love them and you.

Family Traditions

We enjoy delivering Christmas baskets in our community the Saturday before Christmas each year and donating to them as well. We also have an advent calendar with our kids and of course, a whole lot of baking and treat plates. On birthdays we always let the lucky person pick their dinner and I will decorate a cake of whatever design they can think of. We go sledding every winter and always try to find an indoor pool somewhere over Christmas break because our family loves to swim . We enjoy weekly movie and homemade pizza nights as well as playing board games together every Sunday.

Our Home

We love our children and feel it is important that they be kind to everyone. They are also taught to work and work hard. We are fortunate to live close to both sets of grandparents and many cousins that they see on a regular basis. Our kids are involved in piano, soccer, swim team and dance and participate in these activities at various times during the year. Our home is a little crazy and loud but it is also a lot of fun. We just like to be together more than anything. We have a little frozen yogurt store and carwash that our kids help out with throughout the year. We like to be able to teach them the value of hard work and they enjoy all the free frozen yogurt!

Community and Friends

We are lucky to live in small, tight knit community and are close to many of our neighbors. Our kids walk to and from school and we never worry about them. If they ever had a problem, there is plenty of people they could stop and ask for help. Our church is just down the street and we are very involved in the programs there and attend every Sunday. Our family is also nearby and they are very good about supporting our children in all their activities whether it's a soccer game or piano recital. We have Sunday dinners with them often that are usually loud and full of a lot of laughing.