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Kevin and Erica

Status: Currently Matched

About Kevin

  • Kevin
  • 54
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Sales
  • Gardening, Building
  • Yardwork, Spending time with family and friends, traveling
  • Sports, Stock Market, History, learning different cultures
  • Caring, Helpful, Patient
As a child I enjoyed sports and playing with my friends just about every day, we all lived close to each other in our small town. My parents were very good to me and very patient, always helping the kids even though they didn't have the time, they made the time. When growing up I was and still am the type of person that likes to build, find out how things work and fix. I loved listening to music and singing from a young age, I actually made a career out of it for many years and still a DJ and do karaoke today. Erica helps me out with the karaoke something we both love to do.

About Erica

  • Erica
  • 39
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Sales
  • Singing, Baking, Gardening, working together to plant our summer flower beds.
  • Enjoy shopping and going to dinner with my husband and friends, Movie nights and my time with our families, & Family vacations
  • Anything with Music, History, Traveling to new places, Learning different cultures
  • Caring, loving, patient
I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, with a great Family, My Mom, Dad one brother and one sister.. Although my family have all moved out of the area I settled here with my Husband to be close to his family. My childhood was amazing, we were just your regular family, we took a family vacation every summer, and we celebrated holidays and birthdays every year. With that I have grown to absolutely love the holidays, I love decorating, baking, buying gifts, and just spending the holidays with family and friends. Besides the holidays I love singing, I have sang since as my parents say since I was able to talk, I sang my way through school with participating in Musical events and contests. My senior year my family surprised me with a Christmas gift to fly down and record a Demo CD at a recording studio. 18 years old (with a cold) I was determined and I recorded a Demo CD. After Graduating I got the opportunity to sing at Country Fest USA up on the big stage. I continued to sing in contests and won a chance to sing at Hodag Music Festival also. I sang lots of Karaoke and that's how I ended up meeting Kevin, he ran (and still does) a DJ/Karaoke service called Music Express. Who knew 7 years later we'd be married?

Dear Birthmother

We would like to thank you and tell you that we appreciate your sacrifice and strength in making this decision. We tried for many years to have a baby and we will be so blessed and happy to have your baby join our family. We will make sure to let this baby know how special you are to us and how much we appreciate your choice to let your baby become our baby. We have a very loving relationship with one another and will share that love with your baby. You will receive as many updates, letters, and pictures as you want. We know how difficult this must be for you and want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and always will be. We promise to raise your baby in loving home with God in their home and heart. We also promise to raise the baby knowing who you are and how very important you are to us. We both have very supportive and loving families who cannot wait to welcome your little one into their hearts. We hope and pray that this will help you through this difficult decision.

Reason to Adopt

We married on June 21,2008, with a traditional Church wedding, we knew we wanted children right away, but that just never happened for us. We suffered through many devastating miscarriages, lots of painful fertility tests which never really gave us answers as to why. Heartbreak after heartbreak we decided that it was time to explore other options so we decided to check into adoption after lots of research we just knew it was right for us. I know what heartbreak is,and I know that birth moms are making one of the hardest decisions of their life, which is why I would never choose a closed adoption. I am most definitely open to a semi open adoption. I would love to share exciting moments with her, if that's what she chooses. So with that I look forward to working with all of you!


Kevin and I are both outgoing adventurous people. We both love to travel and visit new places, we typically vacation twice a year. Our home is about 5 miles from town, Our home is nestled on 3 acres where we have a large yard and a garden, we enjoy canning and making homemade salsa. We are very active in our nieces and nephews lives and have been since day one. They love coming and spending lots of time at our house, they know the door is always open to them! They are very much looking forward to having a new cousin!

Our Community

We are actually surrounded by small towns, biggest one with a population of about 19,000 we live about 5 minutes from all of them. They all have excellent schools one which Kevin attended and one that I did. We live close to family, which we stay very active with.

Our Families

I come from a family of five, me being the youngest. My brother went on to have two daughters who we are very much involved with. He's very talented in Arts, he can draw anything and give him an instrument and he'll figure it out and master it. My dad and brother are both very talented as far as hand making and carving mostly native american pieces. My sister and I have an amazing sister bond, she's talented in the writing department, she's written two books which are now published and the 3rd one waiting. My parents are very hard workers, but enjoy spending time with their kids and spoiling their granddaughters. My Dad is Native American so we are very active in the Native American culture, its been a family tradition to be involved in the yearly Powwow on the reservation where my Dad is from. My mom is amazing in kitchen! She loves to bake as well. Kevin comes from a bigger family, 5 siblings with him being the youngest as well. Most of his family live in the surrounding area except his oldest brother who moved south. Lots of nieces and nephews on his side! So Kevin, I and our families are very excited to add on to this growing family!