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Kayla and Bradley

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Kayla

  • Kayla
  • 32
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Registered Nurse
  • Reading, Baking, Planning/Organizing events
  • Anything outdoors and Kickboxing
  • Traveling and Baking
  • Trustworthy, Caring and Responsible
As you have already seen, my name is Kayla. I grew up in a small town in Missouri, about 50 minutes outside of St. Louis. Growing up I loved playing any and all sports, but my passion was soccer and gymnastics. Throughout college, I was a gymnastics teacher and even worked in Pennsylvania as a coach that traveled all throughout the east coast! After college, I graduated with my Bachelors in Science- Nursing (BSN), and I began working in an ICU setting. I continue to do this today and love the challenges that it gives me daily. I met my now husband in college. We have been together for 11 years and married for almost 5. The best part of us, is our ability to make each other laugh daily. I am the turn up the radio, have a dance party kind of person, whatever setting you may be in. He encourages me and supports me in every way, even if that isn't his personality. My parents have been married for 35 years and I have 2 younger sisters that are my best friends. I love any and all dogs, but currently have a female all white border collie named Brady. My days off work usually involve breakfast, it is my favorite meal of the day, especially pancakes. Taking a long walk with the dog, watching a tv show, getting a workout in and enjoying a good book. I love to cook and bake as well! I thoroughly enjoy decorating for every holiday, but Halloween/Fall and Christmas are the best in my opinion. I have the best group of friends, which has only grown since my husband and I have been together. My motto for myself for any and every day. I truly believe that simply a smile can change someone's day.

About Bradley

  • Bradley
  • 30
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Banker
  • Golf
  • Golf, kayaking, and fishing
  • Outdoor activities and traveling
  • Dependable, Caring and Driven
If you have made it this far you already know my name is Brad. I grew up in the same small town as my wife, Kayla, but we didn't know each other until we met in college. After a couple of changes in my studies, we ended up attending the same University. I attended on a golf scholarship and received two degrees in Biology and Education. If I am not at work and not on the golf course, I am typically outdoors doing something whether it is fishing from the kayak or hanging out with my close friends. Kayla and I have a very close friends group that all have children and we are hoping to be able to bring a child of our own some day. Kayla and I work very well together. I am the quiet type to put my head down and get to work on something and she is the vocal type that will make a list of things to do before she does them. I am blessed to be married to a woman like her that keeps her head up and smiles every day. I come from a very close family with one older brother and one older sister. We all get together several times a year. My brother and I spend time together at least once per week when we play golf. My parents have been happily married for 37 years and are both retired living their best life taking care of the projects around their house.

Dear Birthmother

Our life experiences have showed us that there is no such thing as an easy path in life. What you could you provide for our potential family is a ray of light that may brighten our future. We will never understand what you are feeling from day to day, but we promise, if given the opportunity, we will be there for you mentally, emotionally and physically. The gift of having a child is something that we have not been blessed with but our love for each other has not changed. We are optimistic that with our love and continued prayers we will be able to add to our family and share our qualities with our future child.

Reason to Adopt

We have gone through several years of infertility. Our journey started with a miscarriage naturally, which we knew was common but still shattered us. In time, we quickly learned that our heartbreak would continue with several years of IVF. After many tests, surgeries and miscarriages we came to realize that having a family naturally of our owns was not in the plan. With time to heal emotionally and mentally, we knew that having a family was something we would not give up on. Through all of this we never lost the desire to become parents. We are hoping that adoption will fill the void in our hearts that has been there for too long.

Family and Friends

One of the most important things in life is the people you surround yourself with in the good times and in the bad. We have been fortunate to have an extremely close family and have kept them close as we have gone through this roller coaster that is our life. We are extremely close with our parents and siblings and have kept them up to date on most details in our lives. We also have a very tight friend group that knows exactly what we have gone through. We know that if/when we get the opportunity to adopt a child into our family, they will be welcomed with open arms. Between our close family and friends there are 9 children under 5 years old so there will be plenty of friendship for years to come for that child.

Traditions and Faith

One thing we have always wanted to have for our family is to create the memories and traditions that our families have raised us with. Being raised and practicing Catholic's, many of our traditions and memories were emphasized because of the holy day it was surrounded by. Brad's family always had a 4th of July family gathering with all immediate family and extended relatives. This resulted in nearly one hundred people getting together at his grandparent's house to catch up and watch the family fireworks show. Kayla's fondest memories from her childhood are the ones surrounding Halloween, which her mom always made a huge deal. This tradition, while it has been toned down since being an adult, is something that we cannot wait to make the same memories with our child/children. Kayla and her sisters were always dressed the very best and they would stay up late to separate their candy, which included making trades of their favorites, because they never had school the next day. It is a holy day that was honored at the private catholic school that Kayla and her sisters attended. The next tradition that is huge and has been instilled in us is Christmas. Christmas Eve is filled with a huge family dinner, presents and attending midnight mass with Kayla's parents. Christmas day is another fun filled day with dinner and presents with Brad's family. Kayla always has the best Christmas trees, which she also got from her mom, each one is themed, and she always looks forward to each year and her different themed wrapping paper to match the tree. We are extremely grateful and lucky that we had the traditions we did growing up. We are excited and cannot wait to create and continue the same memories with our children.


Starting from the time we were very young; our lifestyle began to mold us into what we would continue through our adulthood and married life. As children, our parents wanted us to play every sport that we were interested in and find what our likes and dislikes were. Brad played baseball, basketball, soccer and golf. As he got older, it was clear that Brad's passion was soccer and golf. He played golf all throughout college and continues to play now as a hobby. As for soccer, he continues to play in an occasional indoor soccer game. Kayla played softball, basketball, soccer, dance and gymnastics. Kayla turned her interests into soccer and gymnastics. After stopping at the age of 17 with gymnastics and soccer after graduating high school, she continued to be a gymnastics coach and even worked as a traveling coach in Pennsylvania for a summer. Another tradition/memory that we continue from our childhood, is traveling. Throughout our childhood, we have many memories of vacations and weekend getaways. As a married couple, we have continued with our vacationing adventures. With our best friends, we have gone on several vacations and have made lots of memories. One thing that we have always talked about was continuing this tradition with our future families. We both just remember as children being delighted arriving at your destination, and that feeling still holds true to us as adults as well. We cannot wait to show our future kids the world and what wonderful adventures lie ahead of them.