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Katie and Thomas

Status: Currently Matched

About Katie

  • Katie
  • 39
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Office Admin at family business
  • decorating, baking
  • Reading shopping decorating
  • Family friends church
  • Funny happy generous
Katie is a very thoughtful, caring and giving person, and a wonderful mommy. She is a natural organizer and planner, and puts lots of love and thought into fun birthday parties, holidays, and events. Katie has an older brother and parents who have been ma

About Thomas

  • Thomas
  • 37
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Business owner
  • Wood working, football
  • Biking, hiking
  • Family, playing with son, gootball
  • Friendly reliable tall
Thomas is a strong, dependable, loving, fun, friendly, and all around great guy! People naturally gravitate to him for leadership, advice, and comfort. Thomas can fix or build just about anything, and is always ready and willing to help friends & family. He comes from a great family who have close relationships and all live locally. He is the youngest of 4 siblings, and his parents have been married over 53 years. He co-owns and manages a successful small business with Katie's father. Thomas loves spending time with friends & family, bike riding, traveling, & woodworking.

Dear Birthmother

We know what you are facing is very hard. We want you to know what kind of family we are, and be confident in your decision. If you choose us, your baby will always have a loving and supportive home for the rest of her life. We've been happily marrie

Reason to Adopt

We have struggled with infertility and several miscarriages throughout our 16 year marriage. While we are beyond grateful to God for our son, we know that God wants us to have a bigger family. Our son is such a sweet and loving child- so full of life and


We think education is very important, and encourage learning and exploring new things at every opportunity. Our son is very well-rounded, and we like to think our family bedtime reading routine has a lot to do with that! We love our time with funny, thoughtful, educational, and exciting books every night, and always plan to keep exploring new things together as a family.


We were both raised in Christian homes with wonderful parents. We are very active in our church, and look forward to any time we get to spend with our church family serving and helping at church and in the city. We both have personal relationships with Christ, and we are teaching our son all about God, the Bible, and how we should live as Christians using our own lives as examples.


Because we own our own business, we have a really flexible schedule with a lot of opportunities to travel, and the financial security it requires. Our favorite place to go is the white sand beaches of the Florida pan-handle, where we go at least 1-2 times a year. We also like to go on several long weekend mini-vacations throughout the year to the mountains, historical places, and cool cities that are close by. We are getting ready to move in to our new house we've been building! We have always had a dream to live on the lake in the town we both grew up in (and still live in,) and it's just about to come true! We are excited to have a place that the whole family can come to for parties, ballgames, and holidays. We have plenty of room for a growing family!