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Karen and Tom

Status: Currently Matched

About Karen

  • Karen
  • 37
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Workplace Consultant
  • Design & architecture, cooking, hiking, traveling, reading, playing with my nieces & nephews
  • We love to take our puppy for walks at the neighborhood park. We like all things kid related...aquariums, zoos, movies, amusements parks. We can't wait to take our child to all of these places! We like to travel, especially weekend getaways in northern AZ or to the beaches in southern CA. We love Disneyland and try to go every year!
  • Design & architecture, fitness, food and trying to out new places & recipes, family, church
  • Warm, loving, funny
I was born to be a mother. From a young age, I always loved babies and I started babysitting for neighborhood kids when I was 11. I am very family oriented and love spending nights in with Tom & our puppy. I am pretty easy going and love to have fun. Tom and I laugh every day and we both call each other the funniest people we have ever met :).

About Tom

  • Tom
  • 42
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • VP of Sales - Construction
  • Cooking, hiking, bike riding, traveling, sports, golfing
  • Tom loves to cook and he is very good at it! All things sports related, Tom hopes to coach our child's team in the future. Hiking and riding bikes. Traveling to southern CA beaches. Tom loves planning surprises as well. We recently had friends and their kids over to our house and Tom planned summer olympics for us. It included cup stacking, ping ball races, and water balloon tosses.
  • Construction, family, church, sports, golf
  • Funny, kind, intelligent
Tom is the funniest person i have ever met. He make everything fun, even if we're just hanging out at the couch at home. Tom has a calm & loving demeanor with children. Our nephews absolutely love Tom and he will spend hours playing with them. He is intelligent, kind, loving, and loves family. He will make the most wonderful father some day.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We have so much respect for you and the difficult decision that you have for both you and your child. We cannot begin to imagine how hard this journey has been. If we are chosen as the adoptive parents, we promise to tell your child how brave you were and we promise to raise your child in a home full of love & laughter! We hope you enjoy this view into our lives.

Reason to Adopt

Tom and I have always dreamed of being parents and we started discussing adoption before we were even engaged. We realized that we both felt called to adopt. Life give us so many beautiful moments and we believe that children make them so much more special. We are very hopeful that we will get to meet you and be a part of your child's life. We have so much room in our home and so much room in our hearts for your child.

About Tom (in Karen's Words)

I knew Tom for years before he asked me on a date. If you would have asked me back then what I thought of Tom, I would have said he is hilarious and well-respected in our work industry. After our first date, I quickly realized that barely brushed the surface! So what do I think about Tom now? Tom is thoughtful and considerate. He is always surprising me…small surprises like making me my favorite dessert. Big surprises like a weekend getaway to the beach. Tom is playful. He loves hiding in our house and jumping out to scare me when I walk by (he only surprises me half the time now that I know his tricks though). Tom is faithful & loyal. He loves with all of his heart and would do anything for those that he loves. Tom is kind. He cares deeply for those around him and thinks more about others than he does himself. But what I love most about Tom is the future father I see in him. Watching Tom with our nieces & nephews and with children of our friends, I know he will make the most fun, loving, and respected father. I am so proud to call him my husband and I pray and dream for the day that we are parents together.

About Karen (in Tom's words)

Everyone loves to be around Karen. She's funny! Her laugh is contagious…she always follows up her jokes with a laugh, which I find extremely charming! She is intelligent. Not just book smart, she is able to sense others' feelings and is the first person standing in line to help family or a friend in need. It's amazing to witness the way Karen treats others, always speaking with a gentle tone and beautiful smile. She delivers calming messages to diffuse any situation. She keeps our family at ease every day. Karen was raised in a loving and faith-based environment, which was a huge attraction for me knowing that is how I'd like to raise our children together. Karen is creative and fun, our family calendar is always planned with great activities with her leading the way! This past year alone, we've enjoyed most Sundays at church, beach vacations, weekend getaways, birthday parties, and holidays with family and friends. Karen is everything a child could hope for. She was born to be a mother and with her loving, kind, and caring heart, Karen will support and love your child forever.

What does our family think about our choice to adopt?

It's hard to express through words how excited both of our families are. We absolutely love children and both of our families see us interact with our nieces and nephews and they cannot wait until we have children of our own. Adoption is very special to us and our families feel the same way. They cannot wait to welcome a new baby in to our family. My niece Claire (11 years old) has already asked to come out and visit as soon as we bring our baby home. My niece, Emily (6) and nephew, Joshua (9) pray every night for us and our adoption journey. Though she's trying to keep it a secret, I know my mom is already buying baby things for us. Tom' parents just moved to Arizona, knowing we will soon be parents and wanting to be close to us. Tom's brother, Jimmy, has told us he's on call and is ready to deliver any and all baby necessities that we will need. Overall, our families are over the moon with welcoming a new baby to our family through adoption.