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Joshua and Kathleen

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Joshua

  • Joshua
  • 37
  • CC
  • Jewish
  • College
  • Self Employed
  • Playing/watching sports, travelling, cooking
  • Participate in a youth mentoring program, dinner with friends, playing/watching sports, spending time with our dogs
  • Sports, Music, Food, Travel, Animals
  • Driven, Entrepreneur, Funny
I am an only child and as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a father. I own my own business and have worked extremely hard to be able to build a life that would allow me to be an active parent who is very involved in raising a child. I like playing softball and soccer and would love to coach my child if they were into sports as well. My father taught me to cook and instilled a love of food so I have also always looked forward to sharing my love of food with my child.

About Kathleen

  • Kathleen
  • 36
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Professor of Pharmacy
  • yoga, hiking
  • spending time with family and friends, traveling
  • learning about new things
  • caring, smart, dedicated
I am a pharmacist and an educator. I love to spend time traveling, exploring new places, and learning new things. I have a younger sister with whom I am very close. I like to stay active. I am very excited to become a mom and share everything I have learned with a child.

Dear Birthmother

Dear Birth Parents, Thank you for getting to know our family. You are facing one of the hardest possible decisions. You also have an amazing opportunity to provide a loving, stable home and bright future for the child you are carrying. We are forever grateful to you for the chance to become parents. We have dreamed of raising a child together for as long as we can remember. We will raise this baby to know how much you love him or her - and how much we love him or her too! This child will know they are loved unconditionally and that they have been from the moment they were born. We are excited to introduce ourselves and our family. We have been blessed to explore many fun and interesting parts of our city, state and world. We want to share everything we have learned with a child. We love going to the park, the aquarium, baseball and football games, and spending time outside. We can't wait to share our adventures as this child grows! We hope for only the best for you and your baby. We admire and respect the sacrifice you are making. We promise to love this child and provide him or her with the best possible life. You are in our thoughts as you pursue this adoption plan. We wish you all the best during this part of your journey. Love Josh and Katy

Reason to Adopt

For as long as either of us can remember we have wanted to be parents. Our doctors could never really tell us why, but we were not able to have a biological child after years of trying. We have seen adoption bring together wonderful children with amazing parents in many parts of our lives. Our decision to pursue adoption ourselves came after talking to many of our friends who had adopted. The love they have for their adopted children is identical to the love we have seen between biological parents and children. We hope to be able to experience this one day with our own family.

Our Family

We started dating in college and have been together ever since. We live on a wonderful street in a diverse neighborhood in Baltimore. There are a lot of young families on our street. We love taking our dogs to the park and there is a great playground where the kids can play too! Our family enjoys going to sporting events and we have season tickets for the Ravens and the Orioles. We live right downtown and can walk to the stadiums or the harbor whenever it's nice out. We can't wait to explore the city with our children one day! We love to travel and have gone all over the world together. We've swam with sharks in the Galapagos and seen Giraffes and Rhinos in Africa. Katy has even been to all seven continents (josh isn't far behind her with five). We are fun loving and adventurous and we live life to the fullest. We also love spending time with friends and family. We love to eat great food and a group of our friends started a dinner club a few years ago. We explore different types of food every month and some day Josh looks forward to having a little helper in the kitchen. Katy's family lives a few hours away in the mountains of Western Maryland and Josh's parents live close to us in Baltimore. Spending time with our families is important to both of us and we see eachother as often as we can. Katy has a sister who lives in Utah and they love skiing and hiking when Katy goes out to visit. We have two amazing dogs, Laila and Phife. Laila is a 10 year old boxer-mix and Phife is a 2 year old terrier. Our dogs love kids and can't wait to meet their new brother or sister.

Top 5!

Josh: 1. Baseball 2. Pizza 3. Cooking 4. Animals 5. Adventure! Katy: 1. Outdoors 2. The Beach 3. Time With Friends 4. Yoga 5. Traveling