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Jonathan and Linda

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Jonathan

  • Jonathan
  • 35
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Fire control man, US Navy
  • fishing, golf, baseball
  • fishing, golf, baseball, camping
  • proud, strong, loving
Born in CT, lived in FL all my life before I joined the Navy in 2005. Married to my high school friend turned best friend since 2011! Fire control man in the US Navy Plan to retire after shore duty in the next 5 years and do something in the private sector. As a family we very much enjoy camping and watching the Washing Nationals play baseball.

About Linda

  • Linda
  • 36
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • certified surgical assistant
  • riding horses!
  • riding horses, camping, going to baseball games.
  • driven, loving, hardworking
Born and raised in Florida. I received my masters last year in surgical assisting and now work doing my dream job. I am a Barrel racer and compete throughout the state of VA with my horse Wonder. I hope when my husband retires from the military to move back to FL to be close to family.

Dear Birthmother

We are Jon and Linda from Virginia and can't wait to complete our family through the miracle that is adoption. We really feel something is missing from our family and would love to add a beautiful little girl. We are a military family and as such know how to appreciate the little moments in life. We can't imagine how hard this decision is for you to make and admire your courage. We truly hope if you don't feel a connection to us that you make the right decision for you and your baby, whatever that may be. We can't wait to spoil this baby and she will have grandparents who are ready to do so too! She will be the only girl on either side of our family so I know Nanna is ready to buy all the bows and princess dresses.

Reason to Adopt

My last pregnancy was a difficult one. We had several miscarriages and I had to be on hormones and other drugs to keep the baby. I had a terrible experience during my c-section and have since decided it is best for everyone involved that we not try again. It was emotionally and physically draining the last time. When talking about adding a baby girl to the family some higher power really put the idea of adoption in our hearts. Whether you call that God or whatever you believe in- there was something else at work with us!

Our Home

We are an outdoorsy family and live on a small farm in Southeastern VA. We have horses, goats, chickens, ducks, a donkey and a pony that is waiting for her own little girl! We love to collect fresh eggs for breakfast and grow our own vegetables in the summer. We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. It's nothing extravagant but it is home. We have made many memories here. We have a long driveway that the kids ride their bikes on and draw with chalk. Since it is a farm, we have plenty of space for the kids to explore and play in the safety of their own home. They jump on the trampoline, have baseball games in the pasture, and have pretend adventures! They also love to ride their horse and spend plenty of time outside.

Life With the Baldwins

We love baseball! Especially the Washington Nationals. Our boys play on a youth baseball league and love to watch games as a family. What if baseball isn't our little girl's dream? No big deal, we'll become the biggest fans of ballet, swimming or whatever her heart desires! Camping is also something we love to do as a family. We own a travel trailer with all the comforts of home and enjoy camping all over Virginia and usually camp a couple times a year at Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World. Speaking of Disney, did we mention we are annual pass holders? We love our Mickey Mouse and can't wait to share that with our daughter.

Our Nanny

We are so fortunate! I work 3 days a week at a hospital doing what I love and get to be home the other 4 days. While I am gone I never have to worry about the kids. We have a nanny, Emilia, from Argentina that lives with us and is our very own Mary Poppins! She takes the boys to parks and makes picnics in the yard. She is always playing and coming up with new ideas of things for them to do. She also loves Disney and spends plenty of time at the parks with us! She goes camping and to their baseball games!