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Jonathan and Caranda

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Jonathan

  • Jonathan
  • 36
  • CC
  • Mennonite
  • College
  • Electrical Engineer
  • playing guitar and recording music
  • play sports, hiking, antiquing with Caranda
  • music, sound, sports
  • fun, committed, loving
I am an engineer and am currently working to design and test car audio systems. I love watching and playing sports but my favorite activities involve playing and recording music. I am a Christian and lead, play in the band, or run sound at our church most Sundays. I have been a husband to Caranda for nearly 10 years and a father to Avery for 2. I love my family very much and would love to have more kids.

About Caranda

  • Caranda
  • 37
  • CC
  • Mennonite
  • High School
  • Stay at Home Mom
  • Reading and scrapbooking
  • playing volleyball
  • going to antique stores
  • organized, friendly, responsible
I am the youngest of four children. My family spent a lot of time together growing up. We enjoyed reading books together, camping, going on vacations, and going to our grandparent's house to play games. My dad is a farmer and my mom stayed at home with us. In 2009 I married my husband, Jonathan. We were unable to get pregnant so we decided to pursue adoption. In 2017 we were blessed to adopt our daughter, Avery. She is now 2 years old and we wouldn't trade her for the world. I am a stay at home mom and love being a mother to Avery.

Dear Birthmother

Our names are Jonathan and Caranda. We have been married for 10 great years after growing up together in the same small rural community. After college Jonathan got a job as an electrical engineer with a large company. Several months later we got married and Caranda started working at a local credit union. We enjoy a wide variety of activities and love spending time with family and friends. Several years into marriage, we felt the desire to start a family. We soon discovered that this wasn't going to be as easy as we'd hoped and began getting checked out medically. Thankfully during this process one of the doctors miraculously discovered that Caranda had early stage thyroid cancer. 'Thankful' seems like an odd choice of words, we know, but we feel that God used our struggle with infertility to reveal the cancer in an early stage. We are beyond grateful that Caranda now has a completely clean bill of health with no chance of it coming back because the doctors were able to remove her thyroid early before the cancer spread. After this we continued to pursue further testing and naturopathic treatments to attempt to start a family. However, when we were faced with the decision to start more aggressive forms of treatment we felt a growing pull to open our home to adoption rather than go down that path. After another two years of waiting we were blessed to welcome Avery into our family through adoption. Our desire is to be able to provide a safe, loving home filled with laughter and support for another child and sibling for Avery. Our Christian faith will form the foundation for raising our children. We will strive to teach the characteristics of respect, forgiveness, discipline, hard work, and imagination to our children that our parents worked so hard to instill in us. Caranda will continue to be a stay-at-home mom so she can provide a stable home life for the child as it grows and develops. We commit to providing for and loving our children unconditionally, supporting them in their dreams and education, and teaching them to mirror the example of Jesus through our example to them. We wish you God's peace during this process and would love to have the privilege of getting to know you.

Reason to Adopt

A couple years after we were married we tried to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful. A few years after trying we decided to not try more aggressive medical treatment for getting pregnant. Instead we felt called to adoption. We then began the process of looking for an agency and getting a home study completed.