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Jessica and Karl

Status: Currently Matched

About Jessica

  • Jessica
  • 40
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Medical Insurance Director
  • Zumba, Shopping, Laying by the pool, Gardening, Reading
  • All of the above
  • Watching soccer, planting flowers, Working out
  • Loving, Honest, Hardworking
My name is Jessica. I have been married for 11 years to my best friend. I love going on vacations all around the world with my family. I love celebrating all holidays. Christmas is my favorite. I love shopping and getting great deals. I enjoying hangin out with my friends. I have a daughter that is 17 and love watching her play soccer. I enjoy spending relaxing weekends in our backyard that we have named the ''Blue Flamingo''. It is our little piece of paradise. I enjoying reading a mystery book. I participate in Zumba classes each week. Growing flowers and watching my hummingbirds is a great enjoyment.

About Karl

  • Karl
  • 41
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Plant Manager
  • Exercising, Home improvements, Hunting, Playing with dogs
  • Same as above
  • Soccer, Sports, Hunting
  • Hardworking, Thoughtful, Loving
My name is Karl. I have been married for 11 wonderful years to my wife, Jessica. I work hard to provide a wonderful life for my family. Our family motto is work hard, play hard. I love doing work around the house. We have two dogs that I love to play with and train. I enjoying hunting. I enjoy going to the gym and exercising. I love spending time with family whether it be at home relaxing by the pool or on an adventure. I love vacationing with my family and friends. I love having family dinner every night together.

Dear Birthmother

Courageous, brave, strong, loving and compassionate are only a few words that come to our minds describing the selfless act to giving your precious child an opportunity to a life full of unending love and boundless opportunity. Words can't express the emotions you must feel. Your bravery astounds us in so many ways. We want you to know that we pray daily for you and your child. The decision that you have is one of the utmost important decisions that you can make for your baby and their future. We know that you won't and should not make this decision hastily. Life doesn't always go as planned but know you are making a decision to give you baby life is amazing. Be proud of yourself, hold your head up high.

Reason to Adopt

Karl and I would like to share in the raising of a child of our on together. We feel that we have lots of love to give and want to share that with a child. We feel that we are financial able and want to give any child that we are blessed with every opportunity that life has to offer. We are honored that you would consider us on your journey in finding the perfect family for your child.

About US

Karl and I have been married for 11 years. We have truly been blessed in our life and our marriage. Our faith and love for one another have been the backbone to our happy home. We love unconditionally, and are steadfast in faithfulness and forgiveness. We will provide a loving and safe home for any child that we are blessed with. We believe in respect, honesty and integrity Our passion and family motto is work hard, play hard…. We love spending time with our family and friends. Some of our fondest memories are vacationing with our loved ones and enjoying holidays with our families.


We live in a suburb close to a large city. We live in close proximity to the city to enjoy all of the wonderful amenities but live out in the country so we can have the peacefulness and serenity of nature in our backyard. Our home is in an excellent school district and our community has many extracurricular activities for kids to participate in.


We promise to give your child every opportunity to fulfill their dreams in as many ways as possible. We will support, love and cherish every minute spent raising your child. It would be an honor to be chosen by you and raise your child in a loving home. We have truly been blessed and hope we will soon be blessed with a child to share our home, family and friends with. Our hope and dreams will be answered in time and we know that there is a precious child for us. Until then know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.