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Jason and Caitlyn

Status: Currently Matched

About Jason

  • Jason
  • 37
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Marketing - Medical Company
  • running, hiking, snowshoeing
  • watch sporting events, game nights
  • traveling, church small groups/men's ministry, sports
  • selfless, thoughtful, goofy
I have lived in Bellingham, WA area my whole life and all my immediate family are nearby. I have 2 sisters and I am the middle child. My older sister has 2 children and we love going to watch my niece's basketball games, and my nephew sing in school performances. I can't wait to be a father and support my child in whatever actives they choose. I grew up playing many different sports and enjoy following all the WA teams. My wife and I met at the church we still attend and our church is like a family and an amazing support system. I have been working at my current company for almost 14 years, they have a family-first approach and truly take care of all of us employees.

About Caitlyn

  • Caitlyn
  • 28
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Transaction Coordinator - Real Estate
  • wildlife photography, hiking
  • family dinner nights, board games, nature walks, hosting friends at our home
  • traveling, gardening, women's ministry at church
  • caring, outgoing, driven
I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, I have an older brother, who just married this past year, and we are very close. I moved to Bellingham, WA in 2014 to assist with children's ministry at a new church. Jason and I met at this church and were married in 2017. I am an outgoing person and love being around friends and family. Jason and I enjoy getting outside and exploring with our 2 dogs, anything from a walk around our neighborhood to snowshoeing the local mountain. I look forward to being a mother, and am exited for bedtime stories, jumping in puddles, baking cookies, and so much more!

Dear Birthmother

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to consider us. While we cannot fully understand what you are experiencing, we admire your love and compassion for your child and your strength and courage in making this decision. If you were to choose us, we would be incredibly grateful for the blessing you would be giving our family. We promise to respect you, your decision, and the relationship you desire with your child. We promise your child will grow up knowing their adoption story, your important role and the sacrifice you made out of love. We promise to give our time and resources to ensure your child gets every opportunity to follow whatever dreams they may have.

Reason to Adopt

We have always desired to be parents, and adoption was a part of our plan in addition to having biological children. However, after dealing with infertility for the past 2 years, we are certain that God's plan for us is to grow our family through adoption. Our hope is to have multiple children through adoption, we both loved growing up with siblings and would love that for our children too.


Our faith is important to us, we attend a non-denominational Christian church. We are actively involved in the Men's and Women's ministry and volunteer on the prayer team. Our church is like a family and an amazing support system. We enjoy summer camping trips, regular hikes and other activities with our church.

Family & Traditions

Our family means the wold to us! We have frequent family dinners, games nights, and reunions. On weekends we are supporting our nieces and nephews in their various actives, such as basketball games, dance recitals, and more! Some family traditions include a Christmas cookie contest, baseball spring training, Labor Day camping trip, and hosting random Thanksgiving dinners in June or whenever we are all together. Our families are loving, supportive and a little bit silly.

Travel and Adventures

We love to travel and explore new places, cultures and cuisines, whether locally or in a different country. Caitlyn has a goal of visiting all US National Parks, and we look forward to the opportunity of these future family trips with our child.