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Jacob and Jessica

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Jacob

  • Jacob
  • 34
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Teacher/Youth Pastor
  • Sports, Camping, History
  • Coaching children/youth activities, church events, traveling
  • Church, Being a good father, Sports and History
  • Passionate, Driven, Outgoing
I carry many titles, including Veteran, Teacher, Youth Pastor, Brother, Son, Friend etc, but my favorites are Father and Husband. I enjoy being with my family whether we are outside playing sports or just hanging indoors watching a movie together. I feel blessed that God allows me to work with children and youth every day. I love traveling and sports during our free time.

About Jessica

  • Jessica
  • 33
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • HR Communication Manager
  • Traveling, Reading, Swimming, Anything outdoors
  • Camping, Swimming, Reading
  • Being with my children, church, buildling others up (spend a lot of time listening to others and helping them)
  • Compassionate, Giving, Loving
I am an extremely hard worker. I give everything, including relationships, 110%. I am a mom and wife before all else, but do work from home as an HR Communication Manager. I enjoy being with our family doing things such as swimming, camping, traveling, etc. Our family laughs a lot and I'm one of the lead pranksters. I also enjoy reading (when time allows). I love hosting family and friends at our house.I am a big people person!

Dear Birthmother

We are a close family full of love. Love is the number one most important part of our family! Any child that comes into our home will not only feel the love of two parents, but also of a big sister and big brother. We are also very real. We know that adoption will be a trial for you, our family and our baby that we adopt. We promise to do everything possible to make it the best experience for everyone involved. Jacob and I have been together since high school and life hasn't always been easy, but we face everything together and with an open heart. Once we adopt, the birthmother will be a very important part of our family because she will be giving us the gift of another child. We are already so blessed and we hope to be able to share those blessings with your baby.

Reason to Adopt

We have had adoption on our hearts for over two years. We both come from families of six siblings and we feel led to adopt a baby or two as our family grows.

What we like to do for fun!

We try to have fun every day! Life is too short to take it too serious. We love pulling pranks on each other so you never know when a water fight might break out (even indoors sometimes) or when someone might place a whoopie cushion in your chair. We also love to travel. Sometimes we camp, sometimes we like to stay at a resort. It really doesn't matter to us, as long as we are together!

Family Info

We have our family of four - Jacob, Jess, Izzy and Will, plus our fur babies - Miley (dog) and Paws (cat). Jacob and Jess both come from big families - Jacob is the baby of six children and Jess is the oldest of six children. We spend the majority of our time visiting and in fellowship with family and friends. As an example, we host a themed monthly family night with Jacob's mom, siblings and extended family. This ensures that we get to stay in touch with them and our house fills with love each and every time. Jacob and Jess love a house filled with people and children!

Religion and Jesus

We are Christians. We try not to get too caught up in religion, but instead focus on the love of Christ. We spent many years not in church and our lives dramatically changed after being saved. We are such better people and parents with Christ leading the way! On the outside, we may look like Jesus freaks, but he has done so much in our lives, we will always give him the credit. First, he strengthened our marriage and ability to parent. He has also called Jacob into youth ministry, which has been blessing after blessing as we get to make an impact for youth who don't have an ideal home life. Our goal is to show them love and safety whenever they are with us! Also, we have been volunteering at a soup kitchen at least once a month for over two years. This has also been another big blessing to us to help those in need and we have made some great friends along the way.