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Hector and Laura

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Hector

  • Hector
  • 41
  • HI
  • None
  • College
  • Communications Specialist
  • My chief hobby is creative writing. I also enjoy cooking. I love music and books, and always have music playing, and read whenever I can.
  • I love bicycling, swimming, and taking walks, but most of my activities involve my children: together we play board games indoors, ride bikes, and watch movies. Because of our travels I feel like our days are a constant adventure, and so my activities are often as simple and as complex as going to the market in a different country.
  • I have always loved the arts, from music to movies to books to theater and everything else. As a family we love exploring art museums.
  • funny, thoughtful, devoted
I grew up in a military family. My father retired just as I was finishing high school, and from there I went on to college in New York, where I studied playwriting. I began working as a teacher's assistance, and for the next ten years worked as an elementary school teacher in the U.S. and overseas, including a two-year tour in the Peace Corps. I married Laura when I was twenty-four, and together we have two children: 11-year-old Julian and 7-year-old Asa. I currently work as a communications specialist at USAID in Uganda, but in my spare time I write fiction and daydream about getting published.

About Laura

  • Laura
  • 40
  • CC
  • None
  • College
  • Foreign Service Officer, USAID
  • running, biking
  • reading
  • my kids, exploring new cities with Hector and the kids
  • quiet, calm, persuasive
I grew up with loving and supportive parents, a sister, and two brothers in a loud but stable home. I moved to New York for college, married Hector in my early twenties and made a life together overseas, first as Peace Corps volunteers in Mongolia and then as USAID employees in Asia and Africa. I like hearing my kids tell me their long and strange stories. I like peacefulness, but I also like being in places that are very noisy with everyone going about their business.

Dear Birthmother

We can't imagine how you must feel, nor what we can say to assure you that you are placing this child in safe hands with us. We can say that ours is a warm and loving home, with a close-knit family, and if nothing else this child will grow up knowing that she is loved. The four of us - and our extended network of grandparents and aunts and cousins - will treasure her with all of our hearts. As we raise our children, we are conscious that our sweet little bundles of joy grow with each day and will eventually become fully independent people guided by their own dreams and hopes. They will have their own opinions and make their own choices, for better or worse. We believe that as parents our role is to build a platform for our children, and then to support them as they build their own lives. We teach them right and wrong and make certain they understand their own responsibilities, but the journey they take is theirs. It is an enormous responsibility to help them along this journey, but a tremendous joy as well. Already our two sons are very different people with different interests - they have been since birth, frankly - and we are thrilled to help them learn about their own abilities and follow their dreams. We know that we are providing our children with a strong foundation, and the four of us look forward to doing so with one more.

Reason to Adopt

We absolutely adore our sons, who are so wonderful and beautiful, but we have always wanted a girl. Beyond that, though, in our minds, adoption has always been something we've talked about. Maybe it's because in the communities we grew up in and live in, we have seen many families that have adopted. Furthermore, we know that there is a need, that there are mothers who want the best for their babies, and that as difficult as it is to say so, adoption is sometimes the best choice. We don't see it as a selfless act, and in no way is she expected to be grateful. And it isn't a selfish one either, at least, again, not any more selfish than having children at all. There is something in between. The boys will have a sister to adore, Laura and Hector will have the daughter we wanted, and the baby will have the best that we can give her. For all of us, the cost and the reward are the same: we are family.

Our Family

There are four of us: Hector, Laura, Julian, and Asa. And Luna, too, if we are counting dogs. Hector and Laura met shortly after college, and ever since one especially long walk through New York City have been inseparable. We were 22 years old then, and it's hard to believe that we are approaching the milestone where we've been together longer than we were ever apart. Through it all we have built careers, traveled the world, had our share of struggles and misunderstandings, and started a family. Hector is the 'artist' (though he hesitates to say so). He's inquisitive, insightful, and a little bit silly sometimes. Laura is the 'serious one' (though she definitely wouldn't call herself that!). Thoughtful, kind, practical…but, let's be honest, a little silly, too. Our oldest son, Julian, is our social butterfly: he's popular with other children, poised and self-confident, and is a natural storyteller and warm-hearted boy. Asa, the little brother, is playful, funny, incredibly clever, and sensitive and affectionate. The last of our troop (for now) is Luna, a beautiful shepherd-mix we rescued from an animal shelter in Uganda.

How We Live

For better or worse, our lives are shaped by the nature of our jobs. Laura is a foreign service officer - an American diplomat - and so we live overseas, working for the U.S. Embassy wherever we go. (Hector also works there, but in a capacity that changes from post to post.) The boys have lived in Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Uganda, and soon will be moving to Egypt. We return to the U.S. every summer to visit the grandparents, and we also take vacations in other countries whenever we can. Seeing new places never gets old, and as parents we are at least a little jealous of how our kids are such citizens of the world. Beyond those bursts of excitement, though, we are homebodies at heart, and what we want most is to spend time with each other at home. We don't stay up late or go out much, and our social calendar is light. We just like to chill at home! Hector loves to listen to music, Laura to read, Julian to tell you about the stories he makes up, and Asa to make you laugh. We read together at bedtime, watch movies together every Friday, play board games when the mood strikes. Even when we travel, we build our adventures around low-key pursuits - we'll happily skip the tourist stuff to hang out at a good playground, for example.

Our Bigger Family

Hector's parents live in North Carolina, as does his older sister with her husband and their children. Laura's parents live in Cape Cod; her two brothers live nearby, and her sister lives in Germany. Despite these distances, we are all so close. Maybe because we can't take these visits for granted - it's a long flight from East Africa to the East Coast - we make the extra effort to stay in touch. We speak on the phone every week; even the boys are comfortable picked up FaceTime and calling grandma or their aunts. We visit often. We've learned that no matter where we are or what the distance is, family is always home, and nothing can change that. We are always in each other's thoughts. I think it helps us take risks, knowing that there is always somebody watching us, cheering for us, and ready to take us in if we need a break.