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Greg and Cassi

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Greg

  • Greg
  • 33
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • General Contractor, self-employed
  • Working on house projects, being outside, fishing with Colton, watching my favorite tv shows
  • Throwing horseshoes, hunting, spending time with family, playing board games
  • Sports, grilling, going to zoos
  • funny, loyal, kind-hearted
WHAT CASSI SAYS: Greg is my best friend and life partner; he has become the father I always knew he would be. He puts his family first, even when other parts of life get tough. As a dad, Greg's patience with Colton is impressive because Colton always wants to be his little shadow. They share a passion for the outdoors. The moments that fill my heart the most are when Colton and Greg are both laughing their biggest belly laughs and I get to watch from afar. I cannot wait for another baby to join the family and get to witness this amazing bond form once again.

About Cassi

  • Cassi
  • 31
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Physician Assistant
  • Reading, digital scrapbooking, hallmark christmas movies
  • Spending time with family, digital scrapbooking, being at the campground
  • Going to zoos
  • kind, compassionate, positive
WHAT GREG SAYS: Cassi is truly all heart. The instant I met her I wanted to be a better man because she deserved one. Giving is her passion- whether it be as a medical provider, a loyal friend or an amazing mom. Because of her hard work and constant caring, Colton and I have a great life. You will never hear Cassi say anything negative about anyone and she finds good in everything she comes across. She approaches life with the intent that love wins every time. Your child will be raised with the same love and kindness Colton and I thrive in. We are proof that Cassi was put on this earth to be a wife and mother.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for considering our family as you make the selfless decision of who will parent your child. Adoption has always been in our hearts, but even more after we had quite the challenging time welcoming our son Colton into the world almost 4 years ago. God has reassured us in many ways already on this journey and He has played a large role in where we are today. We hope this book will give you a glimpse into our lives, which we find filled with big smiles and huge hearts. We will help provide an amazing foundation- one that values faith, respect and education. We will also make sure your child knows their whole story- where they came from and about you. We would love the opportunity to get to know you further and have an ongoing, open relationship at a level you are comfortable with. Thank you again for considering us and we hope our family is everything you are looking for.

Reason to Adopt

We have always thought we might want to adopt, but were unsure if it would ever become reality. Cassi had a long 36+ hour labor with Colton that was medically induced due to having high blood pressure. After Colton was delivered, Cassi had a postpartum hemorrhage in which the bleeding was difficult to stop. After Colton was born, we decided that was a sign that we were meant to grow our family through adoption.

About Us

*We were both born and raised in Wisconsin and met in 2007. We were married in 2012 and welcomed Colton into our life in 2016. *We are a road tripping, football cheering and Disney loving family. *The biggest item on our bucket list is going to a zoo in every state. *Sundays are filled with church and relaxing as a family at home. *Birthdays are very important to us. We love making our several godchildren feel extra special on their birthdays by taking them shopping and having a sleepover.

About Colton

*Currently attends 3K at a childcare center which is close to Cassi's work *Loves dancing and singing to Disney Music and High School Musical and The Greatest Showman soundtracks *Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese are definite favorites *He is obsessed with fishing. He loves watching fishing shows, practicing casting in the living room and catching blue gills. *He loves helping babysit children younger than him and he is excited to have a ''baby to keep''

Our Village

We both have very close family units and most live locally. We are blessed to have both sets of our parents nearby. Greg has 3 older sisters and Cassi has an older sister and older brother. Between both families we have 12 nieces and nephews. Christmas is a definite family favorite in which we spend Christmas Eve with Cassi's family and Santa and Mrs. Claus make an appearance. Christmas Day is with Greg's family. Our favorite family tradition with Greg's family is our annual camping trip called- La Macaronie Camp. We are also very fortunate to have some amazing friends to walk through the journey of parenthood with. We belong to a great church in which the Pastor knows us by name. Now that Colton is in Sunday School we are becoming more involved as well.