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Eric and Patricia

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Eric

  • Eric
  • 35
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • IT Support Administrator
  • Group studies/Men’s Group, Games, Movies, Novels & Comics, Hardware Repair
  • Taking in local shows or concerts/plays. Trying new restaurants and new foods. Going out with friends. Attending men’s group. Playing games or reading.
  • World travel, especially the history and architecture of different civilizations. Exploring local culture and food. Scuba diving reefs and sunken ships. Find a new book series. Enjoying time with friends. Movie dates!
  • Steadfast, funny, compassionate
I grew up the son of a foster mother who provided for many. She adopted me and helped many others along the way. I was energetic, curious, and tried my best to be humorous. Over time I fell in love with cinema, comics, and generally everything nerdy or technical. I played soccer, swam, did track and field, and even learned to SCUBA dive. As I grew older I sank myself into books and travel. I wanted to explore the world and meet new people, eat new food, absorb new culture. I wandered a bit but found a steady place in my faith and in Annie. My adoptive mother gave me the freedom to explore those possibilities, and my birth mother gave me the chance to have a life I enjoy. These days, between being married and work, we still fine time to indulge in our hobbies. We still love movies, we still play games, and we still get a thrill from discovering new places. I want to pass on that zest of life and the lessons I've learned.

About Patricia

  • Patricia
  • 35
  • CC
  • Christian
  • High School
  • Senior Customer Service
  • Reading, watching cooking competition shows, trying new recipes, astronomy,
  • Playing with dogs, being outdoors, going to local shows or plays, spending time friends & family, reading
  • Camping, World travel (especially ancient cultures), Comfort food and cooking, the arts – plays and local productions, Quirky coffee shops and interesting hobby finds.
  • loyal, giggly, caring
I find that I'm often seen as a shy or quiet person. I enjoy a lot of the simple pleasures in life rather than big crowds. This has fostered my passion to read and write my own little stories, or watch cooking shows for an interesting new dish we can try

Dear Birthmother

We believe that what you're doing is nothing short of courageous. No matter how you've come to this choice, we know it could not have been without struggle. For that, you have our admiration and respect. We hope that this profile is both a view

Reason to Adopt

Shortly after we married, we knew that we want our life to include children. We prayed and hoped for both the joy and responsibility of raising a child. Several years later and several miscarriages later, we were met with what we felt were a gauntlet of roadblocks. Natural childbirth was just not in our cards. The GPS of life had gone off course. But, where one road ended, another path was found, the road to adoption. We believe adoption will help us make our desire for a family become a reality.

Our Home

We live in the heart of Iowa, it has the small town feel with all the city charms. Our home is in quiet community full of children and close to a park, the local zoo, a science center, walking trails, and more. The excellent school options and easy open enrollment was a big part of our decision to move here. The house is spacious 2-story with a nice sized backyard to run around and play in with the dogs. There's plenty of room for a growing family!


We enjoy seeing plays at local attractions in the spring, camping in the summer, cook-outs and making s'mores in the fall, and family vacations whenever we can. We enjoy our out and about time as much as we enjoy relaxing at home or hanging out with friends and family. Time together as a family is important, and one we both agree is a centerpiece to our lives. Church is also very important to us and we love the church we attend, it also has a wonderful children's program!

Family Traditions

We have simple traditions. Holiday's, like Thanksgiving and Easter, are opportunities to meet with both sides of the family. We always have fun picking out just the right Christmas tree, then decorating it while listening to carols and drinking eggnog