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Emily and Adam

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Emily

  • Emily
  • 35
  • CC
  • None
  • College
  • writer
  • Baking, needlepoint, painting, road trips
  • Reading, watching movies, volunteer work
  • Furthering my baking skills, traveling
  • Nerdy, loving, kind
I'm a writer by trade, a baker by talent and an artist at heart. I'm a list maker, party organizer and an animal saver. I probably drink too much coffee and my favorite Sunday afternoons are spent in my pajamas watching Doctor Who. I believe in true love and I've never met a romantic comedy I didn't like.

About Adam

  • Adam
  • 40
  • CC
  • None
  • College
  • Graphic designer
  • Reading, movies, comic books, video games
  • Trivia nights, tennis, pinball
  • American history, learning new things
  • Nerdy, genuine, pragmatic
''Did you know'' are some of the most interesting words I can think of. I love knowledge. Did you know that sideburns were named after a Civil War general named Ambrose Burnside? I think that's pretty cool. I also like playing video games and tennis, I play in a pinball league and I love to read. I am pretty much a nerd, but that's OK.

Dear Birthmother

Hello! We're a young couple in our 30s from southwest Missouri, where the summers are humid and the people are friendly. We're here after four years of trying to conceive, including multiple rounds of heartbreaking fertility treatments. We could have tried further, but our hearts called us to adopt. You're here because life threw you a curveball. That happens, but maybe together we can help ease that pressure. Regardless of what brought you to consider making an adoption plan, we recognize this is not an easy decision. We promise to forever love and support your child. We're a nerdy couple in love who cant't wait to share our knowledge and our hearts with a little one.

Reason to Adopt

We went through six IUI treatments over the course of a year. It took months before the IUI hormones were out of my system. But one day, I felt like a new person. I could talk about things without crying, my head seemed clear, my heart felt lighter. Adam broached the subject of adoption. Was it still an option? Adoption was something we'd talked about since the very beginning, but not put serious thought to. There, in that moment, driving down the highway, it hit me: It wasn't that we would never meet our baby, it was just that he hadn't found us yet. It was like a weight had been lifted. Our baby would find us. I knew we were meant to adopt.

Our story

Our story starts at a newspaper office. He was a graphic artist and she was a reporter. We became fast friends through shared laughter and lunches in the break room, but neither expected a relationship. It bloomed many months later. Our first date felt like our 50th, it was as if we had always known each other and always would. It was love and we both knew it. We dated a year before we went on a weekend road trip to St. Louis and he popped the question under a tree, by the lake at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. He said all the right words and she cried all the tears and our hearts were full. We married a year later on April 10 and have literally lived happily ever after since. We're a young, some might say nerdy, couple who enjoy historical films, eating Chinese food, Cardinals baseball games and a good night at the arcade. We love live theater, trivia nights, fall festivals, museum trips and big Sunday breakfasts. Our love for each other only grows with each passing day. If soulmates are a thing, then we've found ours.

Our adventures

To say we love to travel would be an understatement. We are always up for a good road trip and usually hit the road every few months for a weekend adventure. Road trips aren't always about the destination, but the things you find along the way. We've been to major cities like Dallas and Memphis, but we also like smaller destinations like Topeka and Hot Springs. Our travels are usually navigated by our National Parks Passport book. We collect passport stamps, tallying about 50 so far, with a goal to reach them all and we can't wait to introduce a little one to America's national parks .We don't fly often, but try to make it count when we can. This fall, it was a trip to Seattle for our 5th anniversary.

Our traditions

Family traditions are important to us, both things we grew up with and traditions we've started together and we look forward to sharing so many of them with our little one. We want to share our love of fair corndogs, the annual citywide chili cookoff, paint lessons and trips to the arcade (where, if you're lucky, the prize is dorky plastic sunglasses.) We want to make memories at the annual Christmas tree lighting in the square, baseball games and eating homemade banana ice cream to watch the Fourth of July parade. Adam can't wait to play catch in the backyard, go to the movies for the first time and play video games together. Emily is excited about icing sugar cookies, smiles at the pumpkin farm and reading bedtime stories.