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Eliana and Michele

Status: Currently Matched

About Eliana

  • Eliana
  • 46
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • Director of Research and Development- Coffee Depar
  • photography, cooking, travelling, dancing salsa
  • outdoor activities, hiking with the dog, discovering new cities or places
  • coffee science
  • open-minded, passionate, honest
My fun facts: Great passion for coffee: I'm buying coffee makers from all over the world I'm is in love with the energy of New York City I was a salsa teacher Juan Luis Guerra is my favorite singer Fond of street photography I love cooking: gnocchi-time on the first Sunday of snow of the season is a tradition! I love tiramisu (and I'm pretty good in preparing it) I always order margherita pizza with ham I speak Italian, English, Spanish and a little of Portuguese I'm is the one who fixes things or assemble furniture at home I love to train Diego, our tiny Dachshund mix dog I love learning new things & I'm proud to be Italian and thankful to America who adopted me

About Michele

  • Michele
  • 43
  • CC
  • Christian
  • Post College
  • e-commerce Manager
  • reading, traveling, going to the gym
  • Playing with my dog, spending time with friends, walking in the nature
  • airplanes, Internet, history, watching documentaries, outdoor activities
  • transparent, loyal, determined
Fun facts: my dream was to be a fighter pilot my favorite movie of course Top Gun I've never stopped supporting the soccer team of his town, even after moving to the U.S. I love playing the mobile game ''Ruzzle'' I'm the best to organize travels (flight and hotel deals) and things to visit I'm great in history: I can remember facts, dates and details of each battle! I love pasta with tuna and the Italian profiterole dessert As a teenager I was a little promise of basketball I'm talented at football and billiard I'm completely amazed every time he watches The Cirque du Soleil I love playing with Diego, our tiny Dachshund mix dog

Dear Birthmother

Hello! We are Eliana and Michele. Our story began in Italy before we arrived here in the United States several years ago. Now we are so excited to begin a new chapter as parents together! We would like to share our story with you - to give you an idea of our past, present, and what life in our future family will be like. Additionally, we hope to give you an idea of our adventures and values. We understand this is likely a difficult time for you, and we wish you peace as you make the best decision for you and your child. We just would like to let you know what life would be with with us: Family is one of the strongest values for us! Our parents and relatives are still our reference points and they will be part of our lives. We firmly believe in the importance of education as a powerful tool to grow and improve in life, and to overcome the challenges of the future. We would also love to share the multiple languages we speak (English, Italian and Spanish), as we believe this will be a great opportunity for the future of the baby! Life in our family will be built on values of honesty, kindness, respect, generosity and happiness. There will never be a dull moment: travels are the greatest way to learn about cultures and to appreciate differences among people! We are very ready and excited for our family to grow through adoption and we will always respect and honor our child's true story. Having a healthy attitude is very important for us as well: participating in sports and cooking healthy homemade meals together are part of our family traditions.

Reason to Adopt

We believe that everything happens for a reason! We didn't know much about the adoption process. An Adoption Agency has helped us heal us from a very sad and difficult personal moment by giving us hope and optimism to have our family through adoption! We started talking with friends and colleagues who have adopted, or had been adopted themselves, and we realized that family through adoption would be fantastic for us! Family is love, caring, sharing, trusting, protection, and support; family is opening our hearts, no matter what! We are so excited at the idea of raising a child based on honesty, openness, love, and fun!

Our Story

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