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Danish and Faiqa

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Danish

  • Danish
  • 42
  • AS
  • None
  • Post College
  • Private Brands Lead
  • Exploring, Camping, Music & Cinematography
  • Going out on road trips with family, gardening with kids, exploring new towns and places
  • Design, Arts, Gadgets & Technology, Learning, Geography, Composing Music, Architecture
  • Creativity, Passion, Integrity
I am an accomplished product development and design professional with over 17 years of credible corporate and agency experience. Diverse understanding of branding, CPG, UX, developing and managing penetrative assets, running global campaigns and delivering micro to macro level multifaceted merchandising and creative counseling. I was born in a family of artists and visionaries and started my professional career early by selling a tv jingle to a major tv network at the age of 11. Since my school years I kept myself busy with multiple underground design and creative projects. Immediately after earning my bachelors in Graphic Design from Troy University AL, I moved to New York and secured my first fortune five-hundred client. I got my Masters degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute New York in 2007 geared towards strategic management, intelligent design, sustainability and the emerging challenges of the 21st century. I completed my Premier Certification in Management from Harvard Business School in 2017. During my high paced and progressive career path I got the opportunity to work for several fortune five-hundred companies, top production houses and some of the biggest ad agencies in the world. Several global, iconic and multi-billion dollar brands can trace my signature on their path to success. I have been honored to serve as a judge for some of the top award platforms and my own award winning work has appeared on popular magazines, TV channels and featured on billboards around the world. However I consider myself a humble learner and a student of design. Beside my exciting design career I also cherish my sideline experiences in cinematography, video production, and music.

About Faiqa

  • Faiqa
  • 33
  • AS
  • None
  • Post College
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Health and Fitness, Organic Foods, Yoga, Traveling
  • Exercise, Running, Road trips
  • Family, my kids, baking, reading health and fitness related material
  • Passionate, Loving, Caring
I have a bachelors degree in economics and statistics and a masters in business administration - I have seven years of experience in my field and currently work full time for a fortune 100 company Constellation / Exelon one of the largest energy suppliers in the world. I love my family and my career. I am an avid runner and frequently take part in professional and community walks and running events for example Bellin Run 2018 held in Green Bay WI. I am well versed in project management and hope to complete six sigma program - While successfully managing my career goals the primary focus of my life is my family, kids and their well being -

Dear Birthmother

Dear birthmother, even though we haven't met, we can understand your situation to some extent and we know that it is not an easy decision, we know that you want the best for your child. We can only hope that you will give us the greatest opportunity that one human being can give to another and that is the opportunity to trust. We assure you that your child will grow up in a really safe and loving home - Your child will enjoy all benefits of life and will grow up to be a strong, prosperous, highly educated, socially conscious, responsible and well groomed individual. We will put our utmost care in the upbringing and well being of this child. And we won't be doing anyone any favors as this child will be as much a part of our family as we are. We really hope and pray that you will put your trust in us and we will never let you down -

Reason to Adopt

We have been thinking about this for many years now and it is something we always wanted to do - We believe that now is the right time in our lives to actually make our longtime dream come true -