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Courtney and Andrew

Status: Currently Matched

About Courtney

  • Courtney
  • 26
  • CC/AA
  • Christian
  • College
  • Online Course Instructor - Self Employed, Very Par
  • Reading, writing, walking, writing, mentoring younger women, leading events, speaking at events
  • Above! :)
  • Social justice, racial reconciliation, faith, adoption
  • initiative taker, compassionate, intentional
Im an adoptee, wife and mother, + former foster parent! I'm passionate about using my giftings to influence the world for good, and am so eager to bring our next kiddo into our family through open adoption. I can most often be found hosting women in our home for playdates with our kids, or out for coffee with a college gal. My faith is of utmost importance in my life, and guides everything I do. I hope to leave others feeling more loved by God!

About Andrew

  • Andrew
  • 26
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • Sr. Financial Analyst
  • Golf, reading, mentoring younger men, running
  • Play with my daughter, host board game nights, lead bible studies
  • See above!
  • Discerning, logical, compassionate
I'm a husband, father & former foster parent! My relationship with God is my #1 priority, and I seek to live by Christian values in all that I do. I value intentional friendships built on deep conversations, and having fun via sports, cooking, and playing board games too! I too desire to bring our next kiddo into our family via open adoption, and can't wait to connect with the mother and father we get to come alongside of.

Dear Birthmother

Oh how we wish we were sitting across from you in this moment, able to look you in the eye and say how undeserved we feel that you're taking time to get to know our family. Knowing you're considering adoption makes it so clear to us that you fiercely love your baby. We have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a parent in your shoes right now, but we believe whatever decision you make is the best one - because it will be just that: yours. Words cannot describe how eager we are to grow our family through adoption. I (Courtney) was placed with an adoptive family at birth 26 years ago, and have a beautiful relationship with my biological family as well. We've known for some time now that adoption is God's plan for us too, and have since been prayerfully waiting to find the mother and baby He'll give us to love for a lifetime! Thank you for giving us the gift of being a small part of your journey even by simply reading our story. We hope you can sense how much the love of God permeates our hearts and home as you learn more about us!

Reason to Adopt

Our burden for adoption grew out of my story. Courtney being adopted from birth gave us both the desire to grow our family through adoption. Being foster parents for a season further grew our hearts for adoption as well. A few months after the birth of our daughter Madelyn, God very clearly began to lead us down this path. The timing surprised us at first, but soon felt just right, as we desire to raise our children close together in age. We've experienced nervousness about finances, but have watched God calm every single one with how He's already providing. Whenever we're with Courtney's biological family, we're further burdened to adopt. We've witnessed the redemptive beauty families connected through adoption can experience throughout every part of the triad, and we long to be a part of it. As prospective adoptive parents, it's our hearts desire to welcome a child into our home who needs one. We place a high-value on diversity in our family makeup. We hope to further reflect the many beautiful God-made differences and similarities in our home! We've watched countless families around us grow their own families through adoption, and are beyond words excited to do the same.