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Colleen and Emily

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Colleen

  • Colleen
  • 36
  • CC
  • None
  • Post College
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Photography, restoration
  • Music events, movies, sledding, hiking, kayaking
  • Social justice, learning
  • Compassionate, light-hearted, curious
I am a proud mother of three, geriatric primary care provider, and wife. I love to find a good deal at a thrift shop, enjoy fine food from a hole in the wall diner or fancy restaurant, and play a great CD in the car. I can't wait to complete our family with our final child!

About Emily

  • Emily
  • 36
  • CC
  • None
  • College
  • High School History Teacher
  • Reading, baking, cooking, teaching
  • Theater, hiking, movies
  • History
  • Loyal, understanding, funny
I am a history teacher who is currently at home with our little crew until they are all in school. I love thinking of ways to challenge them and help them enjoy learning.

Dear Birthmother

Our most important relationship throughout this process is with you, the birth parent. We are open to any questions you have about our family. We are an open-minded and compassionate family of five who are hoping to welcome the last member of our family. We are open with our children about their Tummy Mommies and their amazing qualities. We have three children who adore each other and can't wait for the final member of their ''crew''.

Reason to Adopt

We have always wanted to adopt. We had one biological child but have hoped to adopt since we before we met. It has always been a dream for both of us. We now have now adopted twice and can't wait to welcome one more baby into our home.

Active Family

We are an active family of five living in the beautiful mountains of the Northeast. We have been very fortunate to adopt twice. We are all hoping for one more adoption to complete our family. We are open to any level of contact chosen by the birth family. We have experience with closed and open adoption. We are a non-religious family whose goal is to raise kind, compassionate, and empathetic children. We try to provide our kids with a carefree, joyful, and magical childhood full of opportunities for learning and growth. We spend time regularly participating in activities that are enriching for them and others. They love visiting and bringing homemade crafts to local long term care facilities (which we now do through windows for residents' safety) with our golden retriever, Daisy, who is a therapy dog. We are open to adopt a child of any ethnicity, either gender. We are open to and experienced with special needs. We strive to love our children exactly as they are and encourage them to be themselves. Offering unconditional acceptance is very important to us. We feel the love of siblings is a huge strength in our family. Our little ones adore each other and their bonds are incredibly beneficial now and will be for life. We also have a large extended family, godparents, and wonderful friends who are excited to welcome a new baby.

Our Home

We live in a safe, warm house on two open acres surrounded by beautiful woods with plenty of wildlife. We don't have a mansion, a pool, or anything fancy but we do have a playground and treehouse for playing and a creek and woods for exploration. Our street is a quiet dirt road with only one other family who ever travels on it so we are able to take long walks every night. In the winter we have a sledding hill and can go cross country skiing or snowshoeing. We all love learning and exploring. We visit a local farm several times a week where we are able to interact with farm animals and enjoy hiking trails. We have our own pets too so there are always animals around. Right now we love going to the drive in movie, day trips to the beach, and visiting the Adirondack Mountains. I am a healthcare provider and my wife is a high school teacher. She is currently home with the children until they are all in school. We have been together for many years and married since the day it became legal for us in 2015. We are not perfect parents. There is no such thing. We do our very best to provide a wonderful start in life for our children and we hope that we could provide that for your child should you choose our family.

Meet our Crew

Our oldest daughter is a little scientist. She always wants to know how things work and why they happen in great scientific detail. She loves reading, learning, and laughing. She is a goofball and a performer and can often be found dressed as a princess while exploring the outdoors. She is learning to play the violin and has an aptitude for music. Like her Tummy Mommy she is compassionate and friendly with a passion for science and music. Our younger daughter has a huge heart. She is a very hard worker. She is amazingly empathetic and is always concerned about the needs and feelings of others. She has a great laugh that is so full it practically rattles the windows. She loves animals and they respond to her sweet spirit. Like her Tummy Mommy she is tough and determined with loads of compassion, a light heart, and a great sense of humor. Our son is a fearless explorer who is incredibly curious. He has a great mind for how things work. He is a charmer and makes friends with everyone he meets. He, too, has a great laugh and seems to always be laughing or singing. He seems to always be smiling and happy. He loves his big sisters and is up for anything they want to do. Like his Tummy Mommy he is an incredibly intelligent problem solver who is friendly, fun, resourceful, and independent with astounding perseverance.