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Carolyn and Marc

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Carolyn

  • Carolyn
  • 51
  • CC
  • Jewish
  • Post College
  • Attorney
  • Spending time with my family, reading, walking, yoga, arts and crafts
  • Traveling, telling jokes, investing in real estate, helping young people develop their careers.
  • Helping people and caring for my family and friends, playing in the snow, playing with our dogs.
  • Helpful, connected to humanity, and smart
I am a caring, bright, well educated career woman who has the desire, time, and means to adopt a baby with my beloved husband. We have been married for 14 years and known one another for twenty years. I am from a small town, and recently retired from working as an attorney full time. I teach Business Law for the University of Pittsburgh and also work part-time as a compliance attorney. I love what I do and I love helping young people learn. I have wonderful parents and they provided a wonderful sense of responsibility, security, values, and work ethic and are great role models! This is me!

About Marc

  • Marc
  • 60
  • CC
  • Jewish
  • College
  • Electrician, business owner
  • Skiing, biking, playing with little kids, anything active and outside
  • Just about any sports, traveling, reading, spending time with my wife and my extended family
  • Most sports, cars, machines, home improvements, movies
  • Human, wise, and compassionate
I am someone who has lived in a small town and in the City of Pittsburgh and am happily married to my wife who I met on a blind date. Together, we have a great life with our two puppy dogs and our families who are both near to us here in Pittsburgh. I run a small company that gives me a lot of flexibility and enjoy being active physically. I am a person who likes the outdoors. My wife tells me I am very gentle and that people just feel comfortable and happy being around me. I guess that's true. I try to be there for everyone who I love and my wife and I would love to raise a child together.

Dear Birthmother

What you are doing is brave beyond anything that we can imagine. We would be here for your child and raise him or her with the utmost respect, grace, and care. And we would be happy to have contact with you if you would like that. Be good to yourself - do what is best for you. There is only one you. The USA is a good country - and a community - and if you decide to go through with a placement, this community will help your child. May God bless you both at this juncture.

Reason to Adopt

We married later in life (it is a first marriage for both of us.) Marc was 45 at the time and I was 36. We are not able to have children of our own at this point in time.