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Bradford and Rebekah

Status: Currently Matched

About Bradford

  • Bradford
  • 33
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • landscape
  • hiking, camping, water sports, running
  • construction, yard design, spending time with the kids
  • landscape, camping, exploring
  • funny, positive, devoted
I am an active individual, very involved in my kids' lives. I enjoy spending time with my family in nature. We enjoy traveling together. I believe in Jesus Christ, and the love that He has for us is what motivates me.

About Rebekah

  • Rebekah
  • 32
  • CC
  • Christian
  • College
  • RN
  • running, hiking, camping, reading
  • kayaking, playing with the kids, baking
  • leading a discipleship group of women, studying the Bible
  • loving, active, devoted
Being a mom is a great calling of my life. I spend almost all day everyday with my children, only working one night per week. We have so many amazing adventures together exploring our world. My goal is to capture every moment with them, to listen to them and love them and know them deeply. I believe in letting them be free-spirited, allowed to explore and understand better the world around them. I also love my work in Mother/Baby.

Dear Birthmother

We are Bradford and Rebekah. Our children are Jesse and Adele. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We were married 9 years ago and have always had adoption in our hearts. We have had the privilege of welcoming several children into our homes whose families were going through crises. This was a beautiful experience for us, but we long to be a permanent home for a precious adopted child. We have loved deeply and lost deeply as our hearts have broken seeing children who have suffered. We cannot imagine the pain that leads you to this adoption journey, but we pray that we could be a comfort to you, and that you would consider our family as a place where your child can be loved and grow into the beautiful person God means him or her to be. We will love your child with all our hearts, and they will become one of us, if you so choose.

Reason to Adopt

Adoption has been in our hearts as long as we can remember. We believe God has a heart for children. He loves them, and so do we. Through welcoming other races and children into our home, we have come to realize that our hearts have lots of room for another child that is not genetically related to us. We know that we can love them like our own, because we have loved other children who have entered our home like our own!


Our house is a place of love and adventure. Our children are free to play and explore. They love to run, dance, and sing. They are very excited about the possibility of a new sibling. Jesse has been a wonderful big brother to his sister and has loved other children in our home.


We live in a diverse community, surrounded by lots of parks and libraries. We take part in lots of activities from regular zoo visits to frequent library story times. Our back yard is a play place for kids. We often have friends over to play and enjoy fellowship. We love riding bikes and exploring trails in our area.

Support System

We have a large extended family with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins. Everyone lives relatively close to one another. It is our ''village''. We are very close to our pastor and his wife and are involved in our church. Teaching our kids to love God and that God loves each of them deeply is really important to us.