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Barbara and Jon

Status: Currently Matched

About Barbara

  • Barbara
  • 45
  • CC
  • None
  • High School
  • Project Manager
  • cooking and preserving food, ceramics (art), learning about plants
  • make art, learn about plants and what they can do, helping people
  • cooking and preserving food, art, history and social sciences
  • caring, loving, principled, hard working
Barb is considerate and thoughtful and enjoys making other feel cared for. Her friends will tell you that she has a great sense of humor and there is always good-natured laughter when she is around. Around the house Barb loves the creativity of cooking and creating tasty meals. Barb will provide a child with constant love, tender support and a fun-loving attitude. One thing Barb looks forward to, about being a Mom, is sharing her love of books and reading with a child. She has already started a shelf of books that she hopes a small person will enjoy.

About Jon

  • Jon
  • 45
  • CC
  • Gardening, home projects, martial arts
  • Hike, hang out with friends, watch movies
  • Spiritual reading, learning new things
  • good listener, thoughtful, focused
Jon is steady and calm and is very skilled at finding common ground with people and maintaining good relationships with them. He also has a large group of friends and family with whom he has been close for his entire life. One thing that Jon looks forward to is having a child that he can share his love with; for projects, spending time in the garden, and learning new things. He will be a loving Dad, a patient schoolwork helper, and make sure they have lots of playtime with their friends, and have a fun time exploring the world together.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for reading our profile and getting to know a little about us and our story. We are a couple who love relaxing together with a good book, taking nice walks through our neighborhood, laughter filled gatherings with friends, and cooking a yummy dinner together while catching up on the day. We have been happily married since 2009. We are committed to each other and we communicate very well together. We both have full-time employment, providing the advantage of two incomes. Our jobs are also flexible, allowing us to work from home and spend more time together as a family. After being unable to conceive for many years, we learned that we won't be able to have children on our own. Thus, we are very much looking forward to adopting a baby into our family. Our family is very excited about meeting and welcoming a baby into our life. And our friends (many with small children) are excited for us and look forward to introducing a new friend to their children. Fun gatherings and memorable outings with family and friends await. We are committed to providing a lifetime of love, care and nourishment for a child. Our home is filled with love and laughter, and we will provide a safe and fun filled childhood full of hugs and lots of learning opportunities.

Reason to Adopt

Even before learning that we would not be able to have children on our own, adoption was something that was important to us. Among our marriage vows was the promise to learn new things, and to share what we have learned with each other and our community. One of the critical parts of any community are children to teach and carry on learning new things and teaching others. Having a family is an important part of fulfilling this vow for the both of us. Through adoption we are looking forward to having a child in our lives to love and care for, and to share what we have learned and to learn new things from.

About Us

We met on a wonderful April day in 2006 at a local bookstore. When we got married, in 2009, we threw a big party filled with the people and things that we love. Our vows included, to share the duties of home-life equally, to learn new things and share that knowledge, to support each other with kindness and care, and to build a healthy home. We share a love of learning new things, making delicious and healthy meals, and doing work that helps people. We both look forward to spending lots of quality time with a child, from going to the park together, to playing board games, to reading stories to them before bed. We also look forward to taking an active role in their education, making sure that they are able to be successful, no matter where life takes them.

Our Home

Our home is on the same property where Jon grew up. We have designed our home for a family to grow and flourish. The house is open and light filled with lots of space for playing, art projects and learning. We have two friendly cats; Squeak and Beacon. We look forward to a child's laughter filling the house. We have a great yard with a large garden filled with vegetable gardens, herbs, nuts, berry bushes, and fruit trees; plus play space. We also have chickens who enjoy hanging out in their coop, digging for bugs and the many kids who visit them from around the neighborhood. Our neighborhood is in a lovely part of Seattle. There are many nice parks in the neighborhood as well as easy access to many other fun activities.

Family & Friends

We have a large and very diverse group of family and friends; gardeners, artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, costume designers, pastors, social workers, college professors, and business executives. Any child in this family will have a wealth of experiences and expertise to draw on. We love to visit family all over the country and to take in the sights, sounds and tastes each place offers. Family in central Ohio has a small farm where we get to see their goats, chickens and gardens, and just have fun hanging out with family. When visiting family in New York City we enjoy seeing museums and going to concerts. In Chicago we enjoy lots of barbecue and silliness. And our visits to family in California involve lots of hanging out on the beach. We generally spend holidays with our good friends, and with family who live out on the Olympic Peninsula. Above all, it is a loving family, filled with people who will love and support a child and will share all of the resources at their disposal.