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Angel and Michael

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Angel

  • Angel
  • 42
  • CC
  • None
  • Post College
  • Compliance Director
  • Travel, Hiking, Camping, Arts and Crafts
  • Spending time with friends and family, sitting on the deck with my husband watching the wildlife in our yard, finding travel discounts, exploring and learning about new places, taking photos of our travels and of nature, shopping at thrift stores, volunteering, and crocheting and making jewelry.
  • Travel, Nature, Photography, Gardening
  • Adventure-loving, Patient, Conscientious
I have been with my husband Mike for 20 years since we met at Penn State. I work from home as a Compliance Director for a large insurance company. I have worked since I was 14 and put myself through college and grad school while working, and now I am able to enjoy the benefits of my efforts and help my parents. I love nature and being outdoors. I enjoy volunteering and organize a volunteer day each year in honor of my brother. We love to travel and look forward to sharing our adventures with a child!

About Michael

  • Michael
  • 47
  • CC
  • None
  • Post College
  • Attorney
  • Travel, Golf, Camping
  • Anything outdoors (hiking, camping), visiting family in eastern PA, golfing, cooking, reading, playing video games, going to concerts and car shows.
  • Sports, wildlife, movies, antique cars, cat memes, sci-fi, and comedy.
  • Funny, hard-working, compassionate
I grew up in eastern PA and moved to Pittsburgh after college with my wife. I worked full time to put myself through college and law school, and earned my law degree from Pitt in 2007. I currently work at a law firm north of Pittsburgh supporting investors and small businesses. I love to travel and be outdoors. I provide volunteer legal services to several nonprofit agencies and I volunteer with local conservancy organizations. I do not practice any religion, but I feel that it is important to be kind to others and use that principal to guide my actions.

Dear Birthmother

Thank you for reading our profile and considering us as adoptive parents. We would like to share a little bit about us, but would also love to talk with you to find out if we could be the right family to provide a loving home for your child. We are Angel and Mike and we live in Pittsburgh, PA. We have been together for almost 20 years since we met in college when we both went to Penn State University. I am from Pittsburgh and Mike is from a small town in eastern PA. Angel works for a health insurance company as a Compliance Director. She travels for work occasionally, but most days works from an office in our home. Mike is an Attorney and works for a small law firm in Cranberry Township. Our parents didn't have much money when we were growing up, but we have both worked hard and paid our own way through college and graduate school. Having stable jobs will help us to take good care of your child and make sure that they have everything they need. We are hoping to adopt a child that we can welcome into our home. We look forward to giving them a fun, educational, and adventurous life full of love and support! We both grew up in supportive families where we were treated with respect and never ignored or dismissed as just children. We believe that this is important to the physical and emotional development of a child. We recognize the importance of a good education, but we both come from blue collar homes and we also appreciate the value of hard work. After college, Angel spent several years working with children as an outdoor educator and park ranger. She regularly worked with children with developmental and learning challenges and was often told that her patience and support made a positive impact in their lives. Mike is very compassionate and loves to care for animals and those in need. He has a great sense of humor and is truly a child at heart.

Reason to Adopt

We are in our 40s and are at the right time in our lives to have a family, but have not been able to have a biological child. We are mature and financially stable enough to provide support, education, and guidance to a child, but still young enough to ensure they have an active life full of fun and adventure. We have a lot of love to give and are open to any type of adoption plan.

Our Family

We don't have any children yet, but we are both lucky to have supporting families that love us and will love your child too! Our parents will make wonderful grandparents and look forward to welcoming another member of the family. Angel's mom and dad live nearby in Natrona Heights so we see them often and they would be a big part of your child's life. Mike's parents, brother, and niece live in eastern PA in the town where Mike grew up. We often take road trips to visit them for a weekend, and they come to visit us too. Angel comes from a large extended family that live in the Pittsburgh region, so there are family events with aunts, uncles, and cousins, including many children so your child will be supported and loved by our entire family!

Our Home

We live in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA approximately fifteen minutes from down town. We have a cozy and comfortable home located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a quiet and safe street. Our house is surrounded by trees and nature, and we enjoy watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and deer that live in the woods near our yard. We know this would be a fun and safe place for your child to play. When our friends with children visit, they always have a wonderful time playing in the garden, swinging on the hammock, and swimming in the pool. We have many neighbors with young children and our community organizes several family friendly events each year. We live very close to our local high school, where a few of Angel's cousins attended. This is a very well-respected school district with excellent programs for children of all ages and interests and many college preparatory classes.


When we aren't working or enjoying our yard, we love to travel. We love visiting National Parks, State Parks, and visiting other states. We have close friends that live in Orlando, Florida and we enjoy visiting Disney World and other parks with them and their children. We have also been very lucky to travel to places like Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Italy, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and recently Ireland. We look forward to taking a child to see other parts of the US and to see other countries to learn about different people and cultures around the world.