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Aliza and Brandon

Status: Qualified for Adoption

About Aliza

  • Aliza
  • 33
  • AS
  • Muslim
  • Post College
  • Federal Government
  • Running (races such as 5k, 10k, marathons), Reading, Baking
  • Participate in local race events, volunteer for various organizations, organize event for nonprofit organizations
  • Volunteer work, organizing events
  • Motivated, Honest, Organized

About Brandon

  • Brandon
  • 35
  • CC/AS
  • Christian
  • College
  • Federal Government
  • Working on cars, video games, fixing things
  • Fix things and work on various projects (such as fixing a car, broken bike, etc)
  • Video games, cars
  • Motivated, Sociable, resourceful
My name is Brandon Moulder, I was born in Ft. Polk, Louisiana to Cindy and Kenneth Moulder. My older brother Chad along with my twin brother Josh grew up in a military family and moved a lot from a very young age. By 10, we were already well traveled children. Traveling helped raise us into well rounded individuals, accepting of all cultures. My family is law enforcement in some facet, my father retired after 23 years of service and worked another 20 in corrections. My two brothers both joined the military after high school, but I decided to pursue an education. Criminal Justice seemed to be an easy choice and that passion has fueled me into my career with the federal government.

Reason to Adopt

Our story began during one of the most stressful times in our life - stats class. We were both late blooming millennial's working multiple jobs and going to school full time to pursue our dreams of a better future. A relationship at that given time was far beyond what we both we pursuing - there was just no way and no time! But, it didn't stop one of us from testing the waters. Our friendship grew strong quickly and Brandon frequently told his friends ''I'm going to marry her'' in which Aliza would always reply ''No way!''. We sealed the deal on October 10, 2015 with an obnoxious ''I told you so'' at the alter by a very excited new groom. About a year into our marriage we decided to try and expand our family but, unfortunately, our cards told a different story. Although a different story than we imagined, it's still a story with the same love and passion of becoming parents we can't wait to share with you.

Our Home

We just recently moved out from the ''rural'' gem of Northern Virginia, Aldie - to the charming yet busy community of Potomac Yards in Alexandria. Convinced if we weren't married by now that we would have met our significant others in traffic while commuting to work, we decided to move closer to work and take back some life work balance. We currently live in a 2-bedroom apartment, a stone's throw away from old town Alexandria and Del Ray. The second bedroom holds the computer and speakers for random jam sessions and is typically used to sprawl out and fold laundry, but this will be the perfect location for our future nursery. We didn't have a good grasp on the area or neighbors before we moved in - we chose this location purely for convenience, but it did not disappoint. We can always gauge an area by two things: nearest donut place, 1.3 miles away, and parks. This entire area caters to an active, family friendly environment with walking paths and playgrounds. The sidewalks are constantly full of locals walking around preparing for a day in old town, stretching for the local run club, or barbecuing for a local block party in the small but cozy alley ways of their townhouses. As for the residents inside our building, they have been a second family to us. We've collected an amazing group of friends who are always willing to help each other.. The best part about living in this area is the convenience of whatever flavor of living you want to taste that day. We can't wait to take our child out in this area and explore it as a family; maybe out west a little farther to explore the Shenandoah; or an event in DC in the National Mall after going to a Nationals game!

Our Family

Imagine a festival - a food festival since we're very food motivated. A blending of foods, music, and cultures, with tons of people looking for parking and competing for the one stand-up table that can comfortably seat 3 people but trying to stuff 30 people in it anyway. Now imagine everyone at that festival is family - and there were never any tables so we all ended up sitting on the ground and hunkered around the one power outlet since that is the only place we could plug in the kettle for tea. This is oddly specific for a reason - it's happened. Our families are an amazing blend of culture and traditions. Family has always and will always be the most important aspect in our lives and our child's. Our child will already be adopted into an amazing family full of aunts, uncles, cousins, and pets willing to give them all the love they have to offer!

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Being parents has never been a discussion for us - it has always been an inevitable step in our life we've always wanted to take. We wish so much to become parents, and can't wait to give your baby everything we have to offer and more. We promise to give your baby everything, love, a large extended family, a healthy lifestyle and everything that we knew growing up. We promise to show them the same love we received from our parents and hope that someday we will be able to meet and that we will stay in touch throughout the child's life; no matter the level of openness that you prefer. We promise to remind the child of the sacrifice that their mother made for them and as we conclude our profile, we wish you all the love and luck in your journey as a birth mother.