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Frequently Asked Questions for Adoptive Families

  • When should we sign and return the Agreement?
  • How long is the Agreement good for?
  • What should we consider when making our adoption budget?
  • Why should we use your Legal Services?
  • What does the Legal fee go towards?
  • Should we be concerned if a Birthmother request living expenses?
  • How does the adoption process work?
  • Are internet adoption forums a viable source for adoption research?
  • How does your agency find Birthmothers?
  • When do we pay the agency fee?
  • What does the agency fee go towards?
  • How should we make the payment?
  • When will we receive contact information for the Birthmother?
  • If our adoption fails, can we get a refund?
  • If you could leave us with one thought — what would it be?