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Getting Started

Interested in learning more about adoption?  

After you contact us and speak with an adoption specialist, we will send you a very detailed packet of information for you to fill out. Although you may not know the answers to some of the questions, that’s absolutely okay — the most important thing is that you fill out the packet as completely and honestly as possible. This information will be seen by no one but your adoption specialist — other than that your personal information is completely confidential.

Once we have confirmed that you are a candidate for adoption, your adoption specialist will begin presenting you with families that are the best fit for you, and the type of adoptive family you are looking for. Some agencies work with “Dear Birthmother” letters, which is a letter written by an adoptive family to a potential birth mother in an effort to connect and make a match. We have found that the best matches are produced when the birth parents and adoptive families actually get to talk to one and other and develop first impressions based on communication. That is why, once you are matched with a family, we facilitate a conference call between you and the adoptive family.

Before the conference call, your adoption specialist will speak to both you and the adoptive family individually — during the call they will help you with questions and assist you in moving the conversation along. When the call is over, if you felt comfortable with the family your specialist will help you with move forward with the match. If you didn’t feel they were the right fit, your specialist will continue presenting you with potential adoptive families until you are ready to pursue another conference call.