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National Adoption Agency vs Local Adoption Agency?

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Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions works on a national scale. We place yellow page and newspaper ads in nearly every state in the country. These ads are designed and directed specifically towards birthmothers interested in placing their child for adoption. Our agency’s qualifying and review process will reduce the 120+ birthmothers that contact us each month down to 8-12 birthmothers sincere and committed to adoption. This translates into more birthmother opportunities available in a much shorter time period than most local agencies.

To work on this scale obviously requires extreme resources and support on a national level as well. Our agency has built a nationwide network of qualified and experienced adoption attorneys to provide complete legal services to represent you and the birthmother within each state through adoption finalization. As each attorney has strengths and experiences in different facets of the adoptions process, we consider the circumstances involved with each specific adoption and choose the attorney best suited from our list of network attorneys. The ability to choose from multiple proven attorneys within any state provides for a much more seamless and competent adoption than most local agencies with limited resources.

Similar to our attorney network, we have also developed a nationwide network of homestudy providers and social workers to assist us in the adoption process. This is beneficial in instances when certain state laws require counseling or when a birthmother requests counseling to help her through the process.

Essentially, every facet of the adoption process is provided by proven professionals selected to handle each specific adoption. Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions partners with hundreds of adoption professionals nationwide to provide the most comprehensive service possible — a service that is difficult to match for a local agency.